Friday, February 22, 2013

sweet mini quilt

Last year I sewed a charming paper pieced sewing machine
 (that I made into a sewing machine cover).
I only did half of the pattern, I thought I would do the other part (dress form)
 to make it complete, but it never happened.
Well, I checked the blog  Charise Creates, where I saw the pattern originally
and found another version of the dress form,
but this time with an iron instead of a sewing machine.
There was no pattern for it, but I saw I could use the dress form
and the folded fabric from the sewing machine pattern,
and try to design my own iron pattern from the picture (good close-up).

It worked quite well and I was able to do a decent job.
I did not have fabric with scissors, so I added some
little scissors charm.

I also stamped the name of the place.

Because I was making it for my Mom as a BDay present,
I decided to use some Liberty of London fabric for the dress
and the fabric being ironed.

She likes Liberty of London probably even more than me!
My Mom has been doing a lot of sewing lately, making some skirts,
shirts and other wearable, so I hope
she will enjoy this mini quilt in her sewing room.

Bon anniversaire Maman.

Happy sewing!

PS I really enjoy making Liberty of London presents for my Mom,
here is some examples:

linen basket, tag, machine cover,
cup table runner, needle book.

Fresh Poppy Design

Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day with the dolls

Last year for Valentine's day, I updated Miss C.'s doll bedding
with a duvet cover and pillowcases, it was just perfect.
We had fun doing a "photo shoot" with the girls,
she truly enjoyed setting it all.

Well for this year, I decided to just add an extra layer
to the bedding: 4 cute pillows made of felt XOXO!

I had showed Miss C. the real life version I had seen on the blog "Me Sew Crazy",
and she thought it was just so neat.
The mini version is great for dolls and it doesn't take much place
( a reoccurring issue in her room!)

She wanted to do another photo shoot, this time with the addition
 of Nevada (Kaya), nothing like 4 friends having a good time!

Happy Valentine's day!

OH, yes we like to play with PicMonkey too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

cozy retreat for Valentine

Do you decorate your house for Valentine's day?
Or just enjoy the idea sans decoration?
I fall mostly on the later group.
But this year, I decided to make us a cozy retreat,
thanks to the little deer embroidery....

(pattern from luli)

It all started when I chose some new bed linen
as an anniversary present, just before Thanksgiving:
a full set of flannel sheets and duvet cover,
from the Martha Stewart collection,
getting 60% off was the only reason we went that fancy,
but we have been sleeping so well....
it seems totally worth it!

With all the creams and reds in the room,
it seems almost ready, it just needed a little push...
and nothing better than a reindeer pillow to accomplish my desire for a cozy retreat.
I think it is neither too feminine neither manly,
(there are after all two people sleeping there...and a few dogs!)
and corresponds to our personality.

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

galettes for Mardi Gras

For Mardi Gras this year, I decided to make some galettes.
Galettes are very traditional food from Brittany,
they are also known as savory crepes here,
but the recipe is quite different, as wheat flour is not used,
it is mostly made of ble noir, or buckwheat flour.
(here for my crepes recipe)

1 cup of buckwheat flour
1Tbp of flour
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water

with a traditional bowl to drink cider, and "starry night" as seen by Brick Master.

Stir it all together, heat up a large frying pan to hot, very hot,
grease it with butter, cook one side, then flip,
and while the other side cooks, put the ingredients you want inside:
my favorite: cheese
Mon Cheri's fav: tomato, cheese, salt, herbes de provence
the kids' fav: butter
Serve right away, eat hot with cool cider.

another version of folded galette.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mardi gras with the dolls

Miss C.'s dolls are all dolled up for Mardi Gras,
ready to party!

I made them all new tops from very shiny knits,
sliver and gold, scraps from very old costumes projects.

The silver tank top is very fast to sew,
Miss C. added some black legging and black boots,
an outfit that she would totally wear herself!

The gold dress is also from a free pattern from Liberty Jane,
but free with purchase, it is based of the tank top,
it is also fast and easy.
Because I made it out of a very stable knit,
I did not finish any seam, very fast dress!

For the golden top, I used this pattern that I purchased from Liberty Jane,
(there is a theme here!)

And finally another silver top with dolman sleeve,
the pattern is also from Liberty Jane!

To complete the girls'outfits, I made simple masks,
using this template from Doll Diaries.
I sued some fabric (for the blond doll),
some very sturdy scrapbook paper.

As a kid, Mardi gras was a very nice event, we do not celebrate Halloween in France,
so it was the only time of the year when we could wear costumes.
There were always fun parties at school and neighborhood,
nothing flashy like in New Orleans,
it is mostly celebrated by children with a parade
and many desserts, no king cake but a lot of crepes!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

sweet Valentine deer embroidery

I have been working on a very cute cross stitch embroidery:

perfect for Valentine day.
The pattern is from Luli, her blog is full of wonderful embroidery.

I know it is not really deer season anymore
(probably too Christmas-y for some people)
but I thought it was just ideal, set in a heart!

And I just love deer, and not just for Christmas!
Now, I need to make something out of it,
before Valentine's day has come and gone...
luckily this week end is going to be cold again,
so no kitchen work, again!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

machine cover and blog anniversary

Today is my 3rd year blog anniversary,
and I am still having fun!
In honor of the day, I made something just for me!
Last year, I sewed this cute paper pieced sewing machine block,
and kept it as an unfinished project,
just enjoying it in my sewing room.
Until today, I was not quite sure the best way to use it:
maybe a mini quilt, a pillow cover?
Then I had the perfect idea: a sewing machine cover!
I could enjoy it often and it would make my room prettier.

cover with some of my favorite sewing tools: pin cushion and little sewing case.

I had made one for my mom out of Liberty of London circles a few years ago.
Since the main part was already pieced,
I only needed to add some borders and a large piece for the back.
I quilted it with just the batting, saving the backing for later,
(no need for binding)
then I stitched all around it (right sides together) except for a little part,
turned it right side out, and top stitched all around again.

I think it turned out really cute,
and it makes me happy!

Happy sewing!

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