Wednesday, January 26, 2011

quick update

The last few weeks have been crazy:
getting ready to move,
snow days
and just this week end,
Miss C. had emergency surgery!
She had a fewer on and off for a few days,
but on Sunday it became obvious that something was very wrong,
so we rushed to the ER at 4 am.
She had appendicitis, and had surgery at 4 pm.
She is doing well now,
but it is not easy to rest when the house is being pack,
we will be homeless tonight.
We should move in our new house sometime next week.
We are planning to take 2 days to do the 9 h drive
to our new location to make it an easy as possible
for Miss C. to rest.

Hopefully in a week from now,
life will be more "normal"!

Monday, January 10, 2011

doll bed, finally!

Remember the doll bed I was working on?

well I finished the bedding on time
but I did not get to paint it
for a while!

So here it is finally,
all together!

It turns out that it is a bear bed,
not a doll bed!
Larry, Miss C.'s bear, was in need of some better
sleeping arrangement,
so dolly agreed to give up the bed....

it is usually best to not argue with bears!

The quilt turned out really cute.

It took a while to sew all the little squares together,
but it does not require too much thinking,
so perfect sewing with a movie!

I used the same off-white fabric for the back and
I quilted simple straight lines on the plain fabric,
making a simple diagonal design.

Just right for a country bed!

Happy day,
I mean sleep!

Friday, January 7, 2011

baby, it is cold outside!

Yep it is snowing again!
and the babies are going to be cold...
fear not, Santa sent some nice winter knit!

My mom was very busy last fall,
knitting winter clothes for Miss C.'s babies.

She made 2 complete ensembles for the big baby/little girl.
The dark blue one even has booties and a beret!

The light blue one has a scarf and cute butterfly buttons.

She did not forget her big girls
and so she also knitted this cool coat:

with a matching bonnet and scarf.

And of course the tiny baby got one piece outfit
with matching hat and scarf.
He is quite fashionable with his jacquard jump suit!

We can all agree: my mom has so serious skills!
Best and worst part: she makes up the patterns!!

We are all ready,
bring the white stuff!
Happy day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ten years ago

ten years ago,
in the land of enchantment,
my little boy was born!

He was a very happy baby,
with little crying and lots of smiles.

first valentine's day
and I was/am a proud mom.

with his best friend, both of them young!

and now they are both 10 years old!

Brick master grew bigger
and Black dog grew greyer!
but they are still best friends.

Happy Birthday my son,
I love you!

3000 lbs to lose

yet you read it right,
I need to lose 3000 lbs!

Right now you are looking at my picture,
and start thinking:
"OK I can see she could lose some weight,
may be 30, but not 3000
so really it must be a typo!"

It is not a typo,
the house got fat!
The upcoming move is paid by my husband's company,
but up to a certain amount,
and apparently we are way pass that number,
so it is major cleaning time.

We started strong:
Brick master gave up 6 years worth of old Lego catalog (26 lbs!)
Miss C. gave her board books to the neighboors' little girl
(I could not move the box so it was heavy!)
I gave up my old magazine collections of
Threads, Stamping and other craft,
it was quite impressive.
Mon cheri gave a old desk he made out of oak,
and the dogs, well they do not have much,
so we are not counting on them!

It is a good beginning
but still a long way to go!
I am going to do the unthinkable:
not keep some of my older fabric!!
I know it is sad....
but I have "too much" and some of it is a little old,
and dare I say it, some I do not like anymore...
So I will bring a few bags to the school
and retirement homes in our area,
I am sure they will find people willing to work with them again!

Happy cleaning days!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

bonne annee 2011

Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse annee 2011.

I wish you a Happy New Year.

To celebrate this occasion,
I made one of my family's favorite:
Panna cotta.

It is a pretty dessert, but not a very healthy one,
just cream!
I like to use this recipe from Epicurious.
The only change I made is to use a little more gelatin.
I also drive the extra miles to Wholefood to buy a pasteurized organic heavy cream,
it is much tastier than the ultra pasteurized from the regular grocery store,
since it is almost the only ingredient, it is worst it!

After the cream is done, it is really up to you to serve it your way:
easiest: in pretty glasses, or with fruit inside
easy: unmolded with some sauce/fruit.

Happy day!

Coffee, bunny and Easter eggs

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