Thursday, April 29, 2010


Remember a few days ago,
I was whining telling you
about not making stuff for my son!

Well, I went to Ikea and I found this cool fabric

The bottom part has the cool gozilla...
perfect for decoration!

So I cut the panel,
saving the girl part for my daughter (much later!)

We just redid our kitchen (more on that later)
and with the packaging of the cabinets,
there were some particle boards
that we did not need.
Long and straight, and free!
So may be not ideal
but I made a frame out of them.

The craftmanship on this project is poor!
My dad would be so ashamed,
he taught me well....
I just cut corners!
Yep I used glue and staples!

It is still pretty sturdy,
and with the canvas stretch on it,
it is not going anywhere!

I think it turned out quite nice
and more importantly
Lego brick master likes it!

I am once again a cool mom!

I also bought some complementary fabric
to redo his curtains.
So as soon as I am done with these,
I will post a picture of all of them together!

Happy crafting!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bedroom staging

I have finally found out the specific details
of my upcoming class (starts on Monday!).
And I have made 25 slides in my power point presentation!
Pretty slow, since I use about 20-30 for each lecture!
So if my math is right I need 250 to be on the safe side,
so I am about 10 % done...

Yep it is going to take a while!

So I went to stage my bedroom!
I have been reading a lot of decorating blogs and books
and I feel like a need to play with my surrounding
and have some fun.
I decided to make little vignettes
and here is what I have came up with.

We have a huge bed (perfect for a huge room!)
The celing is real high!
We are more into the twenties and thirties
art deco period,
so far away from vintage-cottage
(even if I love the style, romantic decors are so cool,
just not me!)

Here is my side:

A dresser is definitively a great night stand,
I can hide a ton of mess!
And there is also a lot of top space,
perfect for all my reading material!

Of course I need my Chanel to go to bed (!),
I need to remain French, non !
I also have a serious copy of all of Rimbaud's writting
(poems, correspondance).
Of course it is not always there, it is good to read
 a few poems here and there....
but this is staging!!!
I chose that volume because it is the same green that
the roses! (not real, but they float my boat)

Here is Mon Cheri's side:

The cool airplane (heavy) is a present from me upon my graduation.
He needed it! It was a painful process with too many hours in the lab
any time of the day and of the week!
It comes from everyone's favorite: Pottery Barn.
(more than 10 years ago)

The two framed pictures come from Mon Cheri's
 second trip to Europe, just before we met.
They were taken by a friend of ours who is
On my side, it is a picture of Venice,
and the other side,
 it is a picture of inside the Pantheon in Rome.
We both love Italy, we just need to
go there together!

While it does seem to lack colors in the pictures,
the curtains are red, burn out red velvet!
Very luxurious...
I brought them back from France a few years ago.
I always bring back fabric,
somehow, the only french things in our house
are fabric!

I also brought back the red bed spread.
Our bed linen is a mix of IKEA (perfect duvet cover)
and Costco bedsheet (nice egyptien cotton).
I am not into pillows on the bed... always have to remove them!

Happy day!
(no sewing today!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

quilts for boy

I feel a little guilty!
I always show the work I make
for my daughter and not for
my son!

I must admit as he is getting bigger
and cooler(!)
he has less and less needs
for my sewing and/or crafting!

So sad.

So today here is a trip
down memory lane,
when I was the cool mom!

I have already shared this quilt with you
but it was originally made for him.

This is was so easy but so cool!
A new take on silhouette!

The pattern is "Serengeti Sunset"
by Cornelia Carpenter.

I call this one D&D
(dungeon and dragons!)
the pattern is "little dragons everywhere"
by Carol Bruce for needlesongs.

Nice, happy dragons!

And since my son had a speech delay,
I also made him a 'I spy" quilt.
We used it to make him talk!
Now we are trying to make him stop!!!

But he still sleeps with it!

So here you have it,
some old but good quilts made for
Lego Brick master
well before he was a master!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

daisy quilt, part II

I have been working on my

Remember my delema over
the design with these fabrics?

I wanted some flower design
and some space for names.

So I kind of made my own design!
(well I was inpired by traditional patchwork!)

And because I was limited in some colors,
I had to do a lot of math!

A lot of time I used 2 1/2 inches as my square base,
but here I only had enough green for 2 inches.

Here is a block.

There is no actual triangles, just a lot of squares!
I finished the top,
I still need to quilt it.
So there will be a part III,
the return!

Miss C. went on a girl scout painting
adventure, she came back with this plate:

(parrot with 3 eggs in a nest)
I thought it was very good,
especially for a 5 year old!

It is only fair that I also share
Lego brick master's art work:

(inspired by "the starry night" by van Gogh)
I must say I love it,
not bad for a kid who will be an engenier!
He usually draw with a ruler and in black, grey,
blue and red!

Happy Creativity!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

summer dress with flamingos

You read it correctly....


I took Miss C. to the heirloom store
for some help with my baby dress
(almost finshed!!)
and she saw the flamingo fabric
and we had to have it!!
I guess that will teach me to take her with me!

It is a beautiful pique and I have just the pattern for it.
Last year (or maybe the year before) I made her
a cute summer dress using "Callie"
from the children's corner.
It had been a favorite.

I had made it out of pique and Liberty.

While it still fits her in the chest,
it is now way too short!

It was never long but now....
it looks more like a top!
So I will be sending it to my friend who
has two younger daughters.

So I made the next size up,
added 1 1/2 inch to the bottom.

It is almost finshed,
just need some buttons.

And if you have read a few of my postings,
you might be familiar with my dislike for buttons,
actually it is the button hole that I do not like!
I know my machine make them
but they are never to my liking.
So I was thinking of using snaps,
like I did for the previous one.
One question remains:
which one to choose?
what do you think: right or left
or buttons?

Please let me know what you think!

Happy sewing!

Come check out




it's a party!

PS here are some other action shots

Sunday, April 18, 2010

card: creating oneself

I had so much fun last time,
playing with my stamps and paper,
that I looked for another challenge and
here is my version:

The sentiment is from Unity stamp company,
the shimmering papers are from my old collection (!)

I was inspired by


Happy stamping!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

receiving blanket, part II

Do you remenber my receiving blanket,
waiting for its embroidery?

Well I did it!

I emboidered a beautiful little lamb,
using stem stitch for the body,
lazy daisy (or free floating chain stitch) and
French knot for the flowers.

I think it really finishes the blanket.
It is very dainty, but I like it!

It should be modeled with a baby,
but I do not know any babies anymore,
so we found a solution!

Just right!

Happy sewing!

I am linking this post to

PS I got my haircut today...
why is it a big deal?
It only happens twice a year!!
So here is an updated picture of me:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring mowing

I know spring is here
when I have to mow twice a week!
I must say it is not a bad work out!
Yep, I am one of those,
I like walking behind my mower!!

Give me yard work anytime,
just do not make me clean the house!

so there I go!

So happy mowing!

I have also listed my little dress to


Show and Tell Green
and I have made some progress!!

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