Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fall sign

Do you remember the American flag I made
using this tutorial?
Well it was so much fun, I decided to make something similar for fall!

I started with some 2 x 4, mod podge, craft paint,
and scrapbook paper.

I  cut 3 pieces from the 2 x 4:
8, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 inch long.

Each piece was painted a different color.
I used my Slice machine with the farm cartridge
and cut Fall, pumpkins, fork and fence.

I clued the paper with mod podge,
then sanded the edges,
and applied some more brown paint on these edges.
I then glued the letters and accessories to the block.
Voila, a cool little sign!

Now I am not sure which one I prefer:
all in a row or with the extra block on the top...

What do you think?
any favorite?

The acorns come from a park around the corner
where we spend a lot of time during the showing of our house.
My son, the scout, was quite shocked that we picked them up,
"leave nature the way you find".
He is right, I just hope who ever was going to eat them will be OK!

Happy crafting!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

historical dress

I made a "Felicity" dress
for Miss C.'s doll.

The pattern is  McCall pattern 3627

This dress is made of 2 pieces, a sleeveless dress and a top.
I used some cotton fabric, lined with muslin.
The French lace was tea dyed to match the off white fabric.

The dress pattern could be for a perfect night gown.

I working on a big red velvet cape, lined in baroque satin,
perfect for a cooler day.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

first day of school

Today was the first day of school!

We were all happy to start school as a family,
in the same school district....
since the house market is so slow!

Lego Brick Master started 4th grade...
I must be getting older!

and Miss C. started 1st grade!
I am definitively getting old!

It is her first time being all day at school.
She had a great time, my baby is growing!

Happy day!
well also a little sad but I am a proud Maman!

lavender pillow

A few weeks ago I shared with you the harvest of my lavender

and the fabrication of scented sachets.

Well I just received the newest PB catalog
and of course it is full of lavender!

No wonder I am, like a lot people(!), a fan of their stuff!
Who is copying who?
Please do not answer that!

There are a few cute pillows
and this one really caught my eye:

so beautiful, embroidered on linen!

So of course I had to make my own version
as I have done with the olive pillows.
See why there was no need to answer the previous question!

I drew some simple lavender stems
and embroidered them using embroidery floss.

I used green 522, brown 407 and 3 purple blues: 340, 3807, 792.
The flowers were embroidered using a double daisy stitch,
called in French point de Berry, a daisy stitch is stitched inside the first daisy stitch.

I then added some extra flowers and leaves,
using some actual lavender as inspiration.

I think it looks pretty good
and Miss C. said it smells good,
the power of suggestion!

Happy sewing!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

projects in progress

The vacations are almost over,
school will be starting in a couple days,
we are busy getting ready!

And enjoying the last few days!

So I am behind in most of my late summer projects,
so here is a sneak peak of the sewing I have been up to lately.....
of course none of them are finished....
just about 90% complete,
so really nothing I can show you yet!

this is a close up of a embroidery on linen

this is a detail of a dress for a doll,
I have been inspired by History,
and decided to play....

this one is also for a doll,
more History, but different period!

It has been a while since I last played with felt,
but more food was requested...
Did you see the IKEA play food?
a whole breakfast for $4.99!!
I saw them, not as nice as the ones I make,
or most people make, but they are killing the market!
I guess that is how people that sell furniture feel like!

Moving on...

a cute early fall project with corduroy, quilting and hedgehog!

Well I hope you will be back to check on my progress...

but right now, my favorite merpeople are waiting for me!

Stay cool!

Happy day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

more back to school

Yesterday I showed you
the jeans and T-shirt I made for dolly,
now here is the jacket that completes the ensemble.

I used the same pattern
and created a Chanel inspired jacket
with raw edges.

And instead of using the T-shirt underneath,

As you can tell, Miss C.'s doll is not an American doll,
this doll has a chest plate and looks good in a tank top!

It went really well, even with little experience with knit.
I used an old tank top,
and cut it at the bottom, skipping the need to hem the bottom.

I thought I was done, but apparently I need to make more shorts,
it is still too hot for pants.....
I get to play doll some more!

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back to school for doll

School starts in less than a week,
so time to sew....for dolly!

She is a low key girl,
just jeans and T-shirt!

We are not talking skinny jeans here,
fashion is not the main element,
I do not want to have to put them on!
Miss C. needs to be able to do it without help,
so comfy, boot cut jeans!

I started with a simple pants pattern,
to make them into "real jeans"

I stitched some details in orange threads:

 pockets, waist band, hem...
and it really started looking like real jeans!

Since real jeans are not stitched this way,
and that I wanted to keep the similar details,
I had to over stitch the inner seam,
it was very hard and I was not able to go right to the top of the crotch
but I think it is not too visible!

The pattern for the shirt is from Liberty Jane Patterns,
it is the trendy t-shirt,
one of their free patterns.

It sewed very nicely and quite fast,
I like the little cap sleeves,
it is a lot more close fitting than the traditional t-shirt patterns,
but the Velcro in the back makes it really easy to put on.

She is ready!

Happy sewing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

giveaway winner

Here is the winner of the olive fabric giveaway:

Miss C. chose number 7:

Donna, from My Shabby Chateau.

P.S. We are a little behind schedule....
the kids went to Texas to Grandpa and Grandma last week!
But we are all back together now!

Happy day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

retro sewing

On Wednesday, I met with a few ladies of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild,
we had a great time.
It is really too bad that we are leaving (no date yet!),
it would be fun to do some quilting with them.

We met at the book signing of Judi Ketteler

here is her blog.

Not only was it interesting to meet her,
but she provided us with the opportunity to sew one of her projects!

Sew we did!
A quick, fun flower
and the directions are here.

I am not done reading the book,
but to go with the retro vibe,
here is a picture of the morning glory growing wild in the garden!

Happy sewing!

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