Friday, August 18, 2017

a cute little bib for a special bebe

Just before going to Provence, my sister informed us she was pregnant, Yeah!
So of course, I rushed to make a sweet bib to give her while we were there.
(it was a big family gathering)

I used my favorite bib pattern and a couple of new prints to make this sweet little number.

Since we did not know at the time the baby's gender,
I went with a neutral palette of beige, off-white and muted aqua,
the prints are so cute!
Now we know this bebe is going to be a little girl,
so I am going to get to play with pink!
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

the perfect summer treat: peach crumble

I have been purchasing peaches by the half bushel at my local orchard
(where we get our apples in the fall),
they are delicious but we might have a few too many....
So I make peach crumble regularly!

In the past years, I have made peach pie and peach cobbler,
both really good, but the pie takes too long,
and  found the cobbler a little too soft.

So I tried peach crumble and this is perfect:
fast, easy and a little crunchy!

I make many at once so that I can share with friends,
so my recipe is pretty free form....

for the peach:
lots of ripe peaches, cut in pieces,
a little lemon juice
a little sugar
a dash of cinnamon
a little flour
(I do not measure these parts)
Let the peach marinate in the mixture for a few minutes,
while making the crumble.

for the crumble portion:
1 part flour
1 part (and a little more) oat
1/2 part brown sugar
1/2 part (or a little less) salted butter, cold and cut in tiny pieces
Mix the top 3, then add the butter and mix by hands.
(with 1 part being 1 cup, I was able to do 3 crumbles: 2 medium/large
one small, the red one in the pic)

Grease the bottom of a pan (or multiple, big or small)
add the peaches and then distribute the crumble,
I like to not put too much, I like the peaches to be the main event!
Bake for 1h at 350.
Enjoy warm or cold, with or without ice cream,
I am more of a plain peach crumble myself.

Happy day!

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