Monday, November 30, 2020

the annual Lucketts Christmas trip to the design house

With all of these year challenges, I was not quite sure
we were going to be able to go to Lucketts to the Christmas design house,
but as soon as the tickets were for sale,
I purchased some for our favorite time to go,
just after Thanksgiving.

And it was the perfect escape!
I even matched the décor, and so did my mask,
there were few people, everybody wore masks,
we were given our own shopping bag so we felt quite comfortable,
and at the end, we even had a glass of Champagne,
it felt quite VIP! 😉

Onto the house, I took many pics but if you want to see it better for yourself,
I would recommend their Instagram feed with all the videos!

The outside was very festive, and as soon as you entered, it was grand!

I loved the unusual color of rust and burgundy,
and the beautiful ribbons and bows...

The snow room was also fun,
with textures and polar bears everywhere:

There were also so many different Christmas trees,
all richly decorated

and with their own theme, coordinating with their room.

No décor would be perfect without some dogs,
and the 2 black dog rooms were just that: perfect!

My favorite parts were these papier mache heads of deer and bunny,
the fun look of animal without the killing part!
I was very tempted to bring one home....
I also really liked the edelweiss felt garland, quite unique.

Here is the few things I brought back:
3 very heavy mushrooms (I have a thing for mushrooms!),
a squirrel on an acorn (I also have a thing for both of them!)
a 2D metal sleight
and 2 small little bowls:

(quite reasonable!)

After this trip, I was able to start working on my Christmas décor,
that I shared last week.

You can check out my previous trips just below:
2019 visit, I did not blog about it, but I enjoyed the visit: 

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Happy Day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

dreaming/planning for Christmas decor

I am at the final stage of my Christmas inspiration
and planning.
The idea we are going for this year is:
snow flakes on deep red!

Resources: ribbon snow flakesnow flakesnow for treeChalk dust tree print,
mail boxpillow coverquilt pattern

Miss C. asked that I bring back red to Christmas this year,
and I could not say no,
it is a family business to decorate the house,
everybody should be happy about the outcome,
so red it is!

But we decided to try something different this year,
we are going to try flocking the tree,
which we will buy later after Thanksgiving,
it should be quite interesting!

So we are planning for snow, and snow flakes,
I already started on quilting some new pillows from this quilt pattern:

so far so good!

I made sure to use a deep red that goes with our previous
Christmas pillows, like my deer silhouette one from 2012!

Happy Day!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Beaujolais nouveau celebration

One week before Thanksgiving,
we usually celebrate the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau,
this year new wine from France.
You can read Wikipedia view here:
Beaujolais nouveau est arrive!

I was a little concerned that with France being on lockdown,
the wine would not be available,
but it is here and we are enjoying it!

For the occasion, I made up 2 serving boards:
a cheese tray and a charcuterie tray.
At our house those 2 things do not mix!
This vegetarian doesn't like her cheeses to touch any meat product...

For le plateau de fromages,
I put some Brie, Roquefort, goat cheese in herbes de Provence,
and Asiago, with some lovely crackers, grapes, apricots, pomegranate seeds,
fig jam and some slices of walnut raisin bread from our local French bakery.

For le plateau de charcuterie,
I put 2 different salami and some pate,
with the same crackers, grapes, cornichons, pomegranate seeds,
dry figs and rosemary.

We had a great evening enjoying the new wine,
Brick Master tried it but did not like it,
Miss C. did not try, but they both enjoyed the food
and the cultural aspect of the event!

from 2010: Beaujolais nouveau

from 2018: acorn Beaujolais nouveau

from 2019: cheese straw Beaujolais nouveau

Happy Day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

a little change in the living room

Our life style has changed over the last few months,
probably true for a lot of you,
and we have been doing more family movie nights.
We realized that the way we had set up the living room
was not very convenient for the 4 of us to watch a show,
so I played musical furniture!

Here is our "new " family room:

It has pretty much the same furniture that we had before,
as seen last winter after I painted the library blue,
and made some more curtains:

I only rotated the couch and the coffee table
(that I improved a few years ago),
moved the side table and lamp from the right side to the left side,
but what a difference it makes!

We just need to rotate my "embroidery" chair,
we are set to watch movies as a family!

We did buy a new rug (from Rug USA),
as the old one was too dirty,
we tried to clean it outside but it was not a success...

I also changed the hinges on the library inspired by a tutorial from Young house love,
instead of being visible (and with paint rubbing off)

they are invisible!
(but it was a lot harder than I thought!)

In the right corner, I added the ladder I made a few years ago
to hold my blanket collection,

and a original painting from Maurice Moy
(a painter from my hometown).

I cannot leave this update with a picture of my 2 sidekicks,
who make any photoshoot an adventure:

Happy day!

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