Friday, May 29, 2020

dreaming of the beach, a Mont St Michel vignette

Here is my latest vignette,
reminding me of home and summer vacations,
more specifically of Mont Saint Michel,
not far from my hometown:

You can read more about Mont Saint Michel here.

I cross stitched this cute picture,
from les Brodeuses Parisiennes, of course!

and framed it in my usual IKEA frame
(I buy them in multiples!)

Previous vignettes:

We were supposed to go to Brittany this summer
to visit family and the region,
but it is not happening.
It has been already 2 years since the kids saw their French grandparents....

At least, we have some pictures,
our memories.....

and cookies!

I am partially to Brittany cookies,
like Traou Mad,
but those St Michel galettes are pretty good!

Happy Day!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

refinishing the outdoor couch

So far this month, I have been updated a few things in the house,
using left over paint and fabric
with more or less success, hello quarantine!

This couch update keeps with the trend!
And is definitively a success...

Looks good, right?!

following Ana White's plan, just a little smaller to work with my cushions.

It held up very nicely as it is always outside,
but suffered a little from too much green...

not that it was too visible when the cushions were on,
but I only put them on when we use them,
so it mostly looked like this (I had already removed the back):

Much less pleasing!

One reason we always remove the cushions (beside the rain!)
is the squirrels make holes in them the steal the stuffing!

They also use the couch as an eating place!!!

So I spent a lot of time sanding, and sanding some more,
I stained the couch blue:

I also sanded the bench I made in 2016,
I still need to refinish it but I would like to keep it light,
so it will have to wait.

I guess my sister is right, I am going through my blue phase!
It looks so much nicer when it is "naked",
and great with the pillows.

Bosco agrees!

Happy day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

updated an older chair

It seems to be happening to a lot of things in our house,
playing musical chairs with furniture and accessories!
I guess quarantine is giving a desire to change 
without the access to anything....
And it happened again with this chair, with a little makeover added!

I went with a more simplified look!
 A few years ago, I redid the master bedroom during the ORC,
and makeover this little corner:

I reupholstered the wooden chair with a nice blue fabric, much better than the original ivory fabric.
(there were 2 identical chairs, one in the bedroom, one in the living room)
All was good, until I repainted the library blue,
and updated the curtains there....

The other chair was just next to the window,
and it was looking just average.....

but switching to the blue chair was just right!

So of course I decided to redo the other chair,
I had just enough blue fabric to recover the base and back.

After removing all the previous fabric
and the hundreds of staples,
I realized the "skeleton" was looking a little rough:

So I decided to paint it white.
I started with some primer, and then some white paint,
using the paint I had one hand,

Well it did not turn out as good,
as my white paint was too old!
So I did not finish painting the chair,
I will get more paint in a few months and repaint it again after sanding it....

But I was able to recover the base of the chair,

Because the chair still needs to be repainted, I did not staple the back,

but I decided to start using it right away:

I added a pillow (made a few years ago!) to cover the back,
making pretty and functional.

as it doesn't match the curtains anymore.
I have since changed to white curtains.

I set it up all pretty,
but on a daily basis,
it looks more like this:

As Bosco loves to look of the window!

Happy day!


Friday, May 1, 2020

repainting the island

With a fair amount of free time on my hands,
but very limited access to supply,
in other words Quarantine,
I have been working on a couple home projects,
like painting the kitchen island!

Isn't just a lovely blue?!
It is the same blue (in the midnight hour by Benjamin Moore)
that I used on the library (leftover paints are the best!)

And since the kitchen is on the opposite to this wall,
I thought it would be a great accent!

I was also inspired by Cristina of Remodelando La Casa

My island already underwent a lot of transformations
over the years, from plain stained plywood, to "station wagon"

to white to finally blue

As I previously mentioned I had already repainted the kitchen blue,
palladian blue by Benjamin Moore

My sister thinks I am going through my Blue period!
It has always been one of my favorite colors...

the kitchen is a little bit messy, we do live here and it is quarantine time,
so not too bad.

One thing I would like to update is the countertop of the island,
I thought about it during the ORC baking corner (more than 3 years ago!)
I would like a lighter countertop and reuse the black granite
for the baking corner that still has its temporary butcher block...
but that will have to wait longer!

In the meantime,
here is a picture of my first Lily of the Valley:

(and Bosco)

After years of tries and failures, they are in bloom,
last year, there were only leaves....

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