Monday, October 22, 2012

dolls on Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner,
and we are not ready!
Brick Master will be wearing his knight costume from last year,
but Miss C. wants something new,
no princess this year, but a werewolf!
I am not sure how I am going to do that...
it will stretch my creativity!

At least, the dolls are willing to wear costumes I made before.
They have a few choices: ballerina (x 2), CinderellaRapunzel, witch, colonial dress, musketeer.
Miss C chose for them of course!
So here they are:

all 3 costumes are from the same pattern from You Can Make This,
I just changed fabrics and details.
And I had fun playing with Picmonkey Halloween theme!

the witch:

the musketeer

and Rapunzel

I better go back to do some sewing,
the spooktacular event at school is next Saturday,
and with the new job, I do not have so much time!

Happy sewing!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

little caddy

After making all the vintage crates (here and here) to store our lunch drinks,
the cart looked still messy on the top,
with all the homework paper and pencils, pens...

So I built a little caddy to store it all:

perfect for pencils, pens, scissors and little mail.

After building the fence and gates,
we were left with a lot of scrap pieces of 1 X 4,
I spent some time wondering what to do with them,
then I found the perfect project: Soda crate caddy,
with this plan from Ana White, of course!

Because my scraps are 1 X 4, and not 1 X 6, it is shorter,
 but I was able to keep the same size by using 
 one more piece for the bottom, 2 instead of 3.
For the middle part I used some other scrap,
a piece of 1 X 6, so it is the same ratio,
just a little squatter!

Instead of dividing the caddy in 2 on each side, I left one side undivided
and put 2 dividers on the other side.
It allows us to put mail and larger items on the back,
and the pencils stay nicely together in the smaller rectangles.

I added again the corner pieces (decorative) like I did with 
the wine tray and the fall trough (also made from the fence!).
I really like them, they add such nice texture,
a little spay paint is all they need.

When I put the caddy on the cart, next to the home work,
it looks so much better,
but then I realized it was just too much...

too much wood, too much brown, not what I was looking for!

So instead of storing the pencils there, I thought it would be perfect for the lunch boxes!
Good color and texture, and just the right place to get ready before school,
after all it is chaotic enough in the morning!

So where did I put the caddy full of pencils?
On the other side of the room, where it sits happily,

and can easily put on the table when it is needed!

Happy day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

exciting news: a job and a feature

I have not posted lately because
I got a job! A real Job!
Not that being a Mom (and a side blogger) is not a lot of work...
After a few years out of science
(and a couple of moves, which kind of kill a career...)
I am back in the game, well almost since it is in a different field
where I know little, I am back at the bottom of the ladder,
but I have a job!
I have so much to learn that when I get home,
and after taking care of kids, homework and dogs,
there is little creativity left....
Luckily Mon Cheri has always been in charge of dinner!
I figure that in a few more weeks, I should be able to do some crafting,
but until then, it is probably going t be a little quiet around here...
not that I have ever kept a schedule!

On another front, I was featured on Doll Diaries for the doll ranch
I made for Miss C.'s bday.
I feel so special....fame and glory....
maybe some other day, I need to go to bed
so that I can get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

See you soon.

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