Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas mood board

It is still too early to get our tree,
but I have gathered most of the supplies
to decorate it.

 I am going for a traditional red and natural feel,
I looked at a few other color schemes
but Miss C. informed me they were not Christmas appropriate
so traditional red it is!

It is fine by me, red is one of my favorite color anyway!
And it looks great with silver glitter ornaments like my Eiffel tower ornament

I purchased this new topper at Target and added some German glass glitter,
the original one was a little weak!

I also made this supper quick Ho!Ho!Ho! sign, it still needs some wires
but I enjoy the look.

Just hope it all turns out like I see it in my mind....

Happy crafting!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

German glass glitter workshop with Ms Mustard Seed

This week end, I was able to attend a cool workshop on German glass glitter
with Ms Mustard Seed at her studio in Pennsylvania.

I know, 2 week ends in a row!
Last week end was a teaser compare to this week end.
But first the studio:

Alright, so those pics are not very good,
but you can see here the nice version: decorating the studio

It was still really fun to see everything myself.

We were only 4 people doing the workshop:
Jane, Amy, Sharon and I,
but we were joined by Kim, Marian's mom, Kriste and of course Marian.
It was very low key and good fun.
We had a lot of stuff to work with: pine cones, houses, chipboard letters, ornaments....
more on our choices here: day at the studio

The 2 hours went by super fast.
here are some of the work we did,
I wish I could show my work better but we are not getting our tree until next week end,
and ornaments without tree are kind of sad....

The top left corner is mine, no gold for me, but a brick house!

The fun did not stop there,
we left with a goody bag with our name glittered,
and a kit to make a merry and bright banner!

from Ms Mustard Seed

Miss C. is excited about next week end,
we will have time to work on it together,
glitter is fun, but with mother-daughter team, glitter should be even better!

Happy day!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holiday expo and show

Yesterday I went to a Holiday expo and show just outside of DC,
it was fun and a great distraction for my troubled heart.
You see, while I have spent the last 19 years here in the US,
I am very much French, and Friday night events have been difficult to watch.
It happened close to my sister's neighborhood, increasing my stress
until I remembered she was out of town for the week end.
Probably like a lot of people, I spent most of the night watching the news,
receiving emails, texts and phone calls from friends wondering about my family and friends.
As far as I know, everyone is OK.

I had heard about this Holiday expo through Ms Mustard Seed blog,
as she was a guest speaker there.
I have been following her blog for many years, but it was my first time
seeing her, and doing one of her little workshops:
a cute glittery ornament:

We used German glass glitter and milk paint, 2 first at once!

I went with a couple of my girlfriends who are neither crafters nor bloggers,
and I was teased "mercilessly" for taking pictures of Marian, and our work!

During the show part of the day, I was not able to take pictures of anything,
but if you are interested in the table setting that Ms Mustard Seed for the event,
it is here on her blog


from her blog

My friends and I enjoyed the event, everything was perfect,
and over the top, like this table:

all decorated in white and gold,
 While it did say "do not touch display" before the show,
we were able to enjoy the treats after the show!

For a few hours, I only thought about pretty things,
it was exactly what I needed.

Please keep my people in your thoughts.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Christmas at Lucketts

Are you ready for Christmas?
it seems to be everywhere right now,
in stores and on blogs....
This week end I went to the Lucketts store
to visit the design house,
and there too, it was Christmas!
I have been there a few times,
but it was my first time visiting it all decorated for the holidays.
I took a few pictures, hard as it was packed.
It was beautiful, and over the top.
Enjoy the pics...

And that was just the first room...

Great bedroom with a nice "natural" decor,
I really liked all the blue and bronze,
and the sequin deer silhouette pillow.

Beautiful decorated trees in every room,
I personally like them more tree and less ornaments...

There were deer everywhere, paintings, sculptures, ornaments, ribbons...

But this was my favorite: wood trees!
Oh, yeah, the sheep are also super cute..

 The bedroom felt like the best place to spend the holidays....
and I do not even decorate anything in winter white!

Happy dreaming!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lady Loki and Halloween

Halloween is over,
long live the costume!

Once again, Miss C. did an amazing job with her costume,
she was Lady Loki!

With her golden hair, she would be more suited to be Thor than Loki,
but she was not interested in lady Thor...

Miss C. toned down the cleavage of all these ladies....
she wore her green renaissance fair dress, and a black turtle neck shirt,
it was quite cold on Saturday night!

dress from Moresca, so pretty I might get one for me next year!

But the real cool part of the costume was the head piece!
She first started making Loki's helmet, but later switched to Lady Loki  head piece.
She used some light weight cardboard, and a headband for the base,
for the horns, she cut a polystyrene heart in half, just perfect!

here is a close up of the details, she cut extra details and layered hot glue for extra design,
my only part was to spray the gold paint.

Because it was so cold, and lady Loki likes fur, she borrowed
 my small faux lamb cape, perfect to keep warm during her trick-or-treating evening.

She had a grand time, except people seemed to think she was Maleficent,
totally the wrong color and shape of horns....

When she came back from her adventures with her friends,
we did some more celebrating with drinks and snacks for, her friends
and their parents.

This was the grown-up sides!

Happy Halloween!

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