Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy Halloween

Our trick-or-treating went well!
The kids got great loot,
I finished just in time the dragon/knight "blason"
for Brick Master knight costume.
Miss C. went as a power ranger (!)

I went as Morgane la fee,
the perfect costume to go with my favorite knight!

The pumpkins glowed beautifully,
the only negative side: my favorite pirate is out of town,
Halloween is not the same without Mon Cheri!

At least there is "Van Helsing" to watch on TV tonight!

Happy Halloween!

almost ready

The pumpkins are carved,

the candies are purchased,

the cookies are baked
but not iced
(and not likely to happen!)

and I have found a way to make
the dragon and the knight
work together:

now, I just need to finish it,
still a few more hours before trick-or-treat!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

la fee Morgane

Ever wonder how you got your name?
Well, it was easy for me:
 my parents were into the Arthurian cycle,
  fans of Chretien de Troyes,
and I was born in Celtic land!
So yes I was named after Morgan Le fay.

In honor of my name and because it is Halloween,
I will be wearing my midnight blue sorceress dress
with my silver cape!

And if you have seen any of my previous posts about costumes,
( here, here and here)
you can see I take my dressing up very seriously,
well at least the sewing part....
no I am not into reenactment,
I am nerdy enough, just not into it!

which is more Lord of the Ring than King Arthur,
but it felt right.
It is made of crushed velvet, may be not ideal as it stretches a little,
satin, and silver trim.
The cape was made of some synthetic organza,
and finished off with a small silver trim.

Happy sewing!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

decisions, decisions

we are a few days away from Halloween,
and Miss C. is still unsure about her costume!
So yes it is decision time, big time!

I did  not make her a new one this year,
well let me rephrase that,
I did not make her a costume for Halloween,
but I made many costumes through the year!

Here are some of her choices:

Her Belle dress, as seen here and here,

her Tinkerbel outfit, with drooping wings from extreme playing (!)
I made it from an old pattern, not longer in print.

Her kangaroo costume, with pseudo Joe in the pocket!
this fur was such a mess to work with,
but it is so soft!

The tail goes to the floor for balance,

I did not make her belly dancing outfit,
but still a favorite!

Her Snow White dress, it has a blue/red cape somewhere...
I made it from Simplicity pattern 1522.

and last but not least her Brother old Power Ranger costume!

You can see how hard it would be to choose...
Answer on Sunday!

Happy day! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a belt for a knight

For the past 5 years,
Brick Master has been a Star War character for Halloween.
Not this year!
He had so much fun at the renaissance fair,
that he decided to be a knight again.
We purchased a wood shield and a new wood sword,
so we found ourselves in need of a belt.

Mon cheri does a lot of leather work,
hence the making of a leather belt!
This is a fancy knight,
none of that string belt....which he had before!

We went for a simple design:
a long piece of leather ( 2 x 36 inches)
and a few snaps for closure.
The leather was stained red.
We added a loop with a big ring
to attach the dagger.

Here is Sir Knight's outfit:

with his lion on his chest,
ready for adventure.

(hard to iron 100% linen with a synthetic suede lion!)
The black under layer helps the red lion stand out.
I made the shirt and hood
The neck is really wide, not like the picture,
they must be wearing shirt under the costume.
But with the hood, it seems perfect!

Happy crafting!


Monday, October 25, 2010

now the knight....

Remember my green dragon?

Well he just found his Knight!

This is more paper piecing, from the same book.

I am still working on where to go from here,
but there are still a few days before Halloween!

Happy sewing!


a little girl make-up bag

This week end, Miss C. went to a really cool birthday party:
a rock climbing party!
Having spent a few years in Boulder, CO,
I understood her joy and excitement!

I made her girlfriend this cute make-up bag

following this tutorial by Noodlehead.
Her directions are easy to follow.
I had already used one of her tutorial to make this purse for my Mom.

I went with a nice lime green, really a "neutral" color!
I used some little girl friendly prints,
everybody loves hedgehogs and mushrooms, right?! 

 and quilted. The lining is an off-white cotton,
perfect for finding treasures inside.

My daughter chose the make-up:
pink lip gloss and pink eye shadow,
perfect for dressing up and pretending!

Happy sewing!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

star book 2

Remember my previous star book?

Well I made another one, this time for my dad for his name day
(a catholic tradition, you are named after a saint, and on his/her day, it is your "fete")

This time I decided to use a different technique
and followed this tutorial,
from the Carol Duval Show.

I found a cute little book about champagne for $1.19
with a black cover, just perfect,
not that the subject matters,but I had fun reading the book, so a plus!

I followed the directions in the tutorial,
glued and decorated my pages.
I used green and ivory cardstocks.

I stamped my heart away to make some backgrounds.
Following the directions,
I added some pockets,

and tags, for decorations or they can be used for book marks.

I added some special photos
like my parents' wedding picture

and Miss C. and Brick Master portrait.

I think it turned out nicely,
hopefully my dad will like it,
he is not much of an artsy crafty kind of guy,
 but he usually enjoys all the stuff I make,
signs of a true Dad!

Bonne fete, Papa!

Happy crafting!

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