Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a belt for a knight

For the past 5 years,
Brick Master has been a Star War character for Halloween.
Not this year!
He had so much fun at the renaissance fair,
that he decided to be a knight again.
We purchased a wood shield and a new wood sword,
so we found ourselves in need of a belt.

Mon cheri does a lot of leather work,
hence the making of a leather belt!
This is a fancy knight,
none of that string belt....which he had before!

We went for a simple design:
a long piece of leather ( 2 x 36 inches)
and a few snaps for closure.
The leather was stained red.
We added a loop with a big ring
to attach the dagger.

Here is Sir Knight's outfit:

with his lion on his chest,
ready for adventure.

(hard to iron 100% linen with a synthetic suede lion!)
The black under layer helps the red lion stand out.
I made the shirt and hood
The neck is really wide, not like the picture,
they must be wearing shirt under the costume.
But with the hood, it seems perfect!

Happy crafting!



  1. Oh Morgane, I wish we were neighbors. Then you could at least give me some advise on my Witch costume that I haven't even touched yet! My party is Friday, what am I thinking??? Very nice renaissance belt!


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