About Moi

Bonjour! Bienvenue to my little world.

I am Morgane, a French scientist, living in the DC area with my family.
I have alternated between researcher and stay at home mom,
currently I am back in the world of science, leaving me little time to play. 

One day someone asked me how I came up with "Bear, Dolly and Moi",
while it had changed overtime, but still fits perfectly.
It all started with making too much play food for my daughter, her dolls and bears,
I envisioned a lot of pretend play, and tea party,
and the many guests that come along, including of course Moi.
(think Miss Piggy and her beautiful self expression!)
Then it became about my creations and parts of our life,
with Bear being my son, Dolly my daughter and of course Moi.
Mon Cheri chooses to remain anonymous,
but a much cherished supporter of his wife's creations!

Coffee, bunny and Easter eggs

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