Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth day recycle: doll couch

Happy Earth day!
Miss C. and I worked a little recycling magic,
and made a couch for her dolls.

Yes, it did start as a clementine crate,
we just recovered it with foam, batting and fabric,
and it was ready to go.
And it goes so well with the mini Love pillow
I made last week for Miss C.!

The girls just love to hang out,
listening to some old records,
obviously from their mom!
The record player and records are from 
the Julie Color&Craft book,
I found it at Costco for $8.50,
and it has some nice activities,
there are a few different versions,
I also purchased the Kit one,
but I am keeping as a surprise...

Hopefully you are enjoy Earth day
and not seasonal allergies!

Happy day!

Skip To My Lou

Saturday, April 20, 2013

modern quilted LOVE pillow

Lately I have not been inspired about quilting.
I see a lot of beautiful quilts,
but I rarely fell like making one myself.
Well I was inspired by Oh, Fransson! and her SEW pillow.
(there is also a very interesting quilt with all the explanations)

Can you tell Miss C. enjoys her new pillow?!

I chose 4 different color groupings: aqua, purple, green, turquoise,
and made 4 little patchwork with various scraps
like in the instructions of the quilt.

Some of the fabric are Liberty of London, batik, other are regular quilting fabric from various projects,
I still had a tiny piece of the hedgehog fabric!

I drew large letters, and using wonder-under, ironed them on the back
of the patchwork, cut the letters out,
and ironed them on the white-on-white dragonfly background.

I sewed around the letters with a zigzag stitch (like in the directions)
and did some simple diagonal quilting.

I used some aqua/purple dragon fly fabric for the back and stuffed it.
Since the background is white, it probably would have been smarter to use
some kind of pillow form so that it could have been washed easily......Oh well!

I had some of the patchwork left, so I made a mini version for Miss C.'s dolls.
I used some rounder letters for the word, but the same color combination.

It looks like a total success for both of them!

Happy sewing!

Skip To My Lou

Fresh Poppy Design


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

storing baking pans

the kitchen seems like a bright new room.
Now the eat-in area doesn't look good enough to be seen together!

We used to have a large metallic shelf in the corner, holding my bakery supplies
(and a collections of pans!)
While it had a great industrial look, it felt quite overwhelming for the space.
We also used to have a large TV armoire (from when TVs were not flat!).

We played a game of furniture moving:
the large armoire in the dining room,
the shelves from the dining room in the kitchen
and the metallic shelf in the basement (perfect for storage).
It made the room much lighter, with more space to move around.

As you might remember, I made a few boxes for the white cart
to store our lunch drinks (or how to make soda cans "sexy"!)

Here and here for the directions.

I really helped with our storage area of the cart,
 it is very practical and aesthetic.

Now I need to address these shelves,

they have replaced the metallic ones,
but need to store the similar baking pans.
I have already found a way to create a little baking center

in the little corner by the door.

Now I  want to store all of my baking pans in nice containers,
well just about anything is an improvement over the plastic milk crate,
the side of the wall for the cookie sheets (some were missing!)
and just plain pile of pans!
And Yes we need all of them,
I am a serious baker...!

Well I came up with a solution:

I think it is going to turn out great!

I am off to work on them.

Happy day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

lighting for the kitchen

While I was working on painting the cabinets, I realized the lighting was not up to par.
We have large windows in the room,
but at night the ceiling light did not illuminate the room well enough,
even after we installed lighting under the upper cabinets
(thanks to the addition of 1 X 2 and molding at the bottom of the cabinets).

We looked around for a while and decided on the
not-so-popular track lighting.
The electrical outlet was not above the island,
the pantry and my bakery corner were so dark.
With track lighting, we were able to address all of these problems.
Mon Cheri installed two 4 feet sections at a 90 degree angle,
allowing us to have 2 pendant lights just above the island.
Our island is at a 45 degree angle, which could seem odd,
but it actually works perfectly for the space:
good distance to the fridge and the stove.

Isn't the island so much prettier and interesting?

There are also 3 spots: one for the bakery corner,
one for the pantry and one more for the stove.
It is so much brighter.
The pendant lights look similar to the other 2 light fixtures
in the room, I believe it works nicely together.

 Light, finally!

Happy day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

spring break

This spring break was pretty good,
it started with snow:

 and sledding (for the first time since we moved here 2 years ago!)

The kids were so excited.

Then we really appreciated some really nice sunny days
where Miss C. fully enjoyed the outdoor,
nothing like little girls and trampoline
and flowers and puppies, of course!

Hope your spring break was as good as ours!

Happy day!

Coffee, bunny and Easter eggs

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