Monday, April 30, 2012

another pin cushion

A few weeks ago, I made a couple of pin cushions for friends,
well I made an extra one for myself,
using the same tutorial from My Go-Go Life.

I made it using 2 Liberty of London print and linen,
my favorite combination of course!

And it looks perfect with my little sewing case.
I must admit I like making things for myself,
now if I only had a clean sewing room....
Oh well at least I have pretty tools!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

on winning fabric

I rarely enter giveaways,
not that I do not enjoy them but the odds are usually not good,
after all it is easily 1chance in 300 or 400 or even thousands....
Well for this one, I did not realize I was entering it,
I just loved the project and left a comment,
so I was quite surprised to hear I had won,
and no, it was not so bogus lottery in far away land!

It was a gift certificate for Sew Mama Sew!

Wanna see what I chose?

Mechanical Genius by Mo Bedell,
extremely cool boy fabric,
may be Brick Master is not too old for this fabric!
You can see here and here some great ideas with this fabric collection,
from the designer's blog: lime gardenias.

Now it is decision time: what am I going to make?

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

duck season

Now that we are done with rabbit season, it is duck season right?
The kids have been watching some old Bugs Bunny!
(rabbit season-duck season-rabbit season-rabbit season-duck season-pow!
the classics, so non-PC!)

And nothing says duck season like baby showers....
Or may be it is just me!

My sister's best friend is having her first baby
in a couple weeks, so of course I had had to make
a little something.

I went with a simple set of burp cloth and a binky clip.
I used a fat quarter set I received for Christmas,
it was the perfect project: sweet and modern.

For the binky leash, I followed this tutorial from Made,
it is cute and easy.

For the burp clothes set, I followed this tutorial, also from Made.
I used some soft flannel for the backing, and 3 coordinated print.

I think all together it make for a great little gift.
Welcome to the world, Baby Mara!

Happy sewing!

Monday, April 9, 2012

one more bunny

When I use Liberty of London fabrics for projects,
I keep all the scrap pieces, no matter how small they are,
after all the fabric is very pricey,
easily over $30 a yard.

I often wonder what to do with them,
they are beautiful and so soft.
Well when I saw this template from Nana Company,

I knew exactly how to use some of these precious pieces.

I traced the bunny shape on some fabric,
and covered it with 1/2 inch wide pieces of Liberty,
stitching them on both sides.

Of course I had to use linen with all the Liberty,
they seem to be the best combination!
I used a larger piece of linen and revered applique the bunny shape,
cutting out the linen.

I cut a rectangle just slightly smaller than my card,
and with my unthreaded sewing machine,
I stitched around the card by itself.
I then hand stitched the linen to the card through
the holes with embroidery floss.

It turned out really cute,
and went perfectly with chocolate!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

more bunnies

Earlier, I showed you a bunny,
the bunny I made for Miss C.,
with ivory chenille ears and tails,
flowers and turquoise bow.
Beautiful and very girly,
well I took the same pattern from Gingercake
and I made a smaller version for Birck Master.

For this bunny, I used some fancy linen and regular linen,
giving it a more masculine vibe.
The bow fabric is Kona, matching perfectly with the dot of the linen.
The size is about 65% of the original.

And since I was having a lot of fun making bunnies,
I made one more for Baby K,
in a more traditional girly fabric.

And here are the 2 smaller bunnies together:

I hope the kids enjoy their bunnies,
as much as I had fun making them!

Happy sewing!

Friday, April 6, 2012

some bunny

I purchased this pattern from Gingercake
just in time for Easter.
I could not resist it,
it was just too cute!

It sews very well, quite fast,
the stuffing is the most time consuming part,
well may be it is just my least favorite part!

The really tricky part is as always
selecting the fabric,
so many decisions, so many fabric
so few bunnies!

This one is made of 3 quilting fabrics and some chenille,
I changed the tail from a pompom to a stuffed yo-yo.

Well you know what happened?
I had to make a few more of course!
Check them out later!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a doll hutch: cupcake display

Last year, I build this hutch for Miss C.'s dolls.
I used this tutorial from Kristi at Pieces for Reese.

It turned out OK, not perfect (I am much better with fabric than wood!)
But since I only scraps of pine, MDF and bead board,
it was basically a free project.

(my starting pile)

Miss C. has been enjoying it a lot,
it is perfect to play and store all the kitchen supplies,
some are from AG, some from Target, and others
 from various locations as I was been looking for accessories that are the right size.

One of our latest fine: the egg box.

Originally it had egg shaped chewing gums,

 I replaced them with
"real eggs" from Michaels.

And I replaced the paper top with this sign,
I retraced the gum sign on white paper
and stamped the words, one letter at  a time.

It sits now perfectly on the shelves,
with all the other foods,
including erasers and polymer clay croissant.

Happy crafting!

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