Saturday, June 29, 2013

turquoise and purple doll bedding

My last few sewing projects for Miss C. have been all about
purple, turquoise and aqua,
I thought it was time to make a version for her doll,
well I had already made the couch and LOVE pillow for the girls,
but more is always needed!

How about a new quilt and some new pillow cases?
We all know it makes everybody happy!

So I sewed these adorable turquoise pillow cases,
using the Japanese cool fabric and some white on white fabric.
Any fabric with an Eiffel tower is bound to be good!
And with some words like amour (love) and
douceur (sweetness), it is even better!

For the quilt, I fuzzy cut various fabric,
including this really cute pair of glasses,
It had to be included as Miss C. just starting wearing some.
Guess which colors she chose?
Yep turquoise and black!

Right, now back to the quilt,
just very simple squares of different fabric
with a white-on-white fabric.
I rotated every other block to make it more interesting.

And here it is, all together,
the bedding, the couch and the Love pillow:

A perfect place for dreaming!

Happy sewing!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

how not to celebrate father's day!

This week end should have been all about father's day
and celebration, 
but on Thursday afternoon, right after the kids and I made it home,
this happened:

It turned out to be a little tornado!
Here is the description from Wikipedia:
 "A weak, but fast moving and long-tracked tornado downed many trees, several of which fell onto more than 14 homes and several vehicles. The forward speed of the tornado reached 60 mph (97 km/h)." 

The tree took down the power lines/cables,
and Mon Cheri's baby car!

Yep, there was sadness,
nothing like coming home after a long day of work to find out your car crushed!
(we used public transportation a lot, so the car keeps the house company!)

We are thankful it was the car and not the house,
some of our friends were not as lucky.

 Oh the cruel winds of fate!

The electrical company restored power to the house within 24 h,
and the cable company within 48 h,
so over all we are doing well.

And we have some tree people cleaned up the mess in the front yard,
we thought about doing it ourselves,
but it was a lot of tree, 
and after cleaning up the back yard of the many branches that felt down,
we felt it was time to let the pro do it,
the left over tree was also taken down!

Happy Daddy day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

milkshake: paper pieced mini quilt

Here is the last block,
the milkshake,
lavender flavor, obviously!

Pattern from Ellison Lane Quilt.

and here are all the blocks together:

now I just need to find a way to set them....

Happy sewing!

Friday, June 7, 2013

soft serve ice cream: paper pieced mini quilt

This is the one before last,
the soft serve ice cream:

Pattern by Ellison Lane Quilt

the background fabric has been my inspiration for the color scheme.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cupcake: paper pieced mini quilt

I made one more,
the cupcake:

Pattern by Ellison Lane Quilt.

So cute and delicious,
just 2 more to go!

Happy sewing!

Monday, June 3, 2013

strawberry shortcake, pie and ice cream cone : paper pieced mini quilt

I was busy this week end,
trying to catch up with all the paper pieced blocks,
I managed to do 3, so still 3 more to go.

Here is a closer view of  the strawberry shortcake:

Pattern from Ellison Lane Quilt
It was a little more difficult than the others, but still fun.

The lime pie:

Pattern from Ellison Lane Quilt

And the ice cream cone:

Pattern from Ellison Lane Quilt

Here are my 6 blocks:

looking just delicious together!

Happy sewing!

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