Friday, March 29, 2019

a Hogwarts suitcase

As you might remember from last year advent calendar,
we are fans of the Hogwarts world,
well especially Miss C.,
and it turns out my niece K is also a big fan.
So for her birthday,
I made her a Hogwarts suitcase,
full of life necessities!

And who doesn't love a little niffler?
Technically he does not belong in Hogwarts,
I am taking  an artistic license...

But let's check out that suitcase,
doesn't it look just perfect?
Once again, one more artistic licence
as it is a suitcase and not a trunk,
but it is perfect to play pretend
and go on sleepover with other 8 year old Hogwarts fans!

This inspiration for this suitcase comes from the Nicole Michelle Blog.
There are also other cool Potter stuff in that blog if you are interested.

I started with this little Christmas suitcase:

 where I covered the hardware with tape before spray painting it black on the outside,
and champagne pink on the inside.
Then I printed the logo from the tutorial and glued it to the top of the suitcase,
and covered the inside of the suitcase top with other print out of the Daily prophet
and other Potter paraphernalia....

and my niece K initial, just because!

Then I sewed a little drawstring pouch with a paper pieced star 
to store candies and other treats.
In it, I put some more Harry Potter stuff: gummies, beans and chocolates,
I found all of them at Lolli and Pops,
it is bit expensive, but it makes the gift!

Finally I added a cool t-shirt (from Target), some butterbeer,
some Harry Potter/magical beasts Lego
and Hermione's chocolate wand!

I could not help myself and printed out a train ticket:

And she totally loved it, which is the best!

In February, we went to Orlando Universal to enjoy
Hogwarts and the warm sun of Florida
(after a long cold winter here in the DC area!)

Miss C. loved it!
It was her Christmas present 
(and the last surprise from her advent calendar!)

Happy crafting!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

embroidered boat by 4 hands

My sister asked me to help in the making of this beautiful sailboat:

(she is also a fan!).
from Bustle and Sew.

She is quite talented at hand embroidery,
but doesn't have access to a sewing machine.

So I did all the machine stitching and embroidery,
like the sails, the ropes and the masts.

It was fun to find so many scrap pieces of fabric for the sails and the flags!

After I was done with my part, I sent it to her
to complete all the hand stitching and embroidery,
and here it is all completed:

Since we grew up not far from the sea,
we both have an affinity for sailboats.

Happy sewing!

Friday, March 15, 2019

a Guinness cake, perfect for St Patrick Day!

This weekend, we will celebrate St Patrick's day.
While I do not decorate for this Holiday,
I like to make something special for the occasion,
like this big Guinness cake,
perfect to share with friends!

I follow this cake recipe from King Arthur flour,
I just substituted  1 1/4 cup of Guinness for the liquid.
It adds a good flavor but no (or very little) alcohol as it is baked.

So it becomes the perfect cake for friends and family,
and since it is so big and rich, there is some for everybody!

The icing inside the cake is inspired by this recipe by the muse,
(but with a higher ratio sugar to butter)
that one has alcohol, but it is not necessary,
 it can be made from this caramel sauce from cup of Jo without any.

But I did put some in it, 
probably 1 tbsp, so still very little for a whole cake.

Finally I made some traditional chocolate icing for the top of the cake
following the Hershey's cocoa box recipe,
using heavy cream instead of milk.

I did not cover the side of the cake as I like the look
of dark chocolate and light icing from the inside,
it reminded me of a glass of Guiness!

Happy St Paddy's day!

Monday, March 11, 2019

a trip to Lucketts or how to wish for spring!

This weekend, after a long cold week
and more snow on Friday,
 I was ready to pretend spring was coming!

And I figured the best to feel that way was to go to Lucketts
and visit the design house decorated for spring:

and it was exactly what I needed!

One of my favorite rooms was this office with all the wood tone and the furn, 
just perfect!

The living room was inviting with a few bunnies
and some framed eggs.....

The table was set up for a relaxed lunch,

and of course. there were so cool horses....

this one was quite exceptional!

The sunroom was dressed up as a flower market

it was hard to resist it all.....


I had to bring a new little friend home:

there is always space for one more bunny!

Happy day!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

a vintage cross stitched needle book

When I saw this cross stitch pattern from les brodeuses parisiennes,
I knew I wanted to stitch it and I knew what I was going to make with it:
a sweet little needle book!

I used some brushstroke fabric for the spin and some vintage dress print for the back.
It is more or less inspired by my needle book with the cupcake.

For the inside, I used a patron print, that goes how so well with the cross stitch,
and some felt to insert the needles.

Happy sewing!

Coffee, bunny and Easter eggs

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