Thursday, November 4, 2010

mug rug for Christmas

I am sure you have noticed all the cute mug rugs
popping everywhere....
Well after seeing Mary's rug mugs at Pin. Sew. Press.,
I knew I had to make some too!
They would make a perfect Christmas present....

I totally copied her designs,
I just used Christmas and snow flakes fabric.
The white fabric has white snow flakes, hard to see on the pictures.

It had been such a long time since I quilted,
it was fun, and being so small,
it is almost a one-day project!

The second one is also a copy of Mary's design.
I just like the simplicity.
I mostly do traditional quilting with a lot of complicated pieces,
and sometimes it feels overworked, not inspiring.

I have been looking into modern quilting,
trying to participate but I have found it challenging.
After making these mug rugs,
I feel like I can try to make my own design...
I bet it will take me much longer to make the next one!

Happy quilting!

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  1. Oh I love these! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. these makes me want to go make some right now. Welcome to modern quilt, it is so much fun and lost of ideas out "there". go see oh Frannson!

  3. Quelle bonne idee pour un petit cadeau de Noel

  4. Che idea stupenda per dei piccoli regali!
    Ciao Domenica

  5. Love them, great Christmas presents.
    greetings from france

  6. So adorable! I need to try making some of those :) Very fun!

  7. I'm starting to like the idea of these mug rugs. They are looking so cute and I can see lots of people making them.
    Love the colours and the work in these!

  8. Beautiful! I loved Mary's too, and your holiday interpretations are just gorgeous :) Happy Fabric Tuesday to you!

  9. Beautiful work! I love Mary's too! So much great inspiration out there for mug rugs. I love the near instant gratification of them too!

  10. I love it! They will make great Holiday Gifts.

  11. I love these! The quilting is awesome and your designs are beautiful!

    Jennifer :)

  12. What a great idea! I have lots of fabric left when I make pillows, what a neat way to incorporate them into the room. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those are ridiculously sweet and cute!! I love them! Especially the fabrics, and the designs are great too. Thanks for linking up, we'll see you next week!

  14. Your mug rugs are wonderfull! Love the guilting. They are so neat and precisely sewn from such tiny peaces ^.^
    Best regards

  15. Cute little mug rugs. Did they use to be called miniature quilts?

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I was so intrigued by your title that I had to come see. I love quilting too and this is such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing. Great job!!
    Rebecca (visiting from The CSI Project)

  17. These are so pretty. I can't belive how straight your stitching is!

  18. Oh I love these! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  19. i love your binding! How do you get it so perfect looking?

    1. I did it just like for a quilt, maybe single layer instead of double as it is a small project.
      Just like on this tutorial:
      Hope it helps!


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