Monday, November 22, 2010

a not so perfect doll bed

Last year, I made Miss C. a bunk bed
for her dolls as a Christmas present.

She was very happy with it,
but I was not very pleased with my handy work!

I made it up, and just built it,
with some 1 x 2 and 1/4 inch plywood.
It was late in the season (so very cold in the garage)
so I worked fast and not so well!

But this year, I found a great tutorial
So I got some wood,

cut it all up,
following the great directions

and built it!
Yes I did it!
It took me longer than her (no surprise here!)
but I am happy with it.

I still need to fill in all the holes,
prim it and paint it,
and of course make some bedding,
which will have to wait, remember
I am busy sewing Christmas clothes!

Happy crafting!

PS if building a bed is too much,
IKEA sells again their doll wood bed,
it is unfinished wood and not great bedding
but with some help (paint and fabric),
it can be very special,
ours is already 2 years old.


  1. Great job making the bed! I can't wait to see it when it's all done. (Your spruced up Ikea one is really darn cute too.)

  2. I am building this for my daughter too! just posted tutorials for the bedding fitted sheet and all! If you havent seen it already check it out

  3. Great job! Thoroughly impressed. I completely understand the cold garage. I'm battling the same condition right now.

  4. really cute my girls would love those beds


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