Tuesday, March 26, 2013

done with painting the cabinets!

I did it, I finished painting the kitchen cabinets,
and it is done before Easter!
(I had given myself this arbitrary deadline)

And it was done even with the crazy weather we have been having,
and yes, it matters as I have to sand the doors outside.
(as we do not have a garage, an attic
or any real place to work)
I did it in small sections as I am also limited by the surface of
my painting table: the dining table.
We have been eating in the kitchen for a while,
and each time I sat at the kitchen table,
I was reminded how much work I had left, 
but no more!

The room is so much lighter, it is amazing!

(besides the painting)
My inspiration was this post from Remodelando La Casa.

Of course, as one project is near completion,
other things creep up,
like lighting, and annoying ugly pantry door....
Tomorrow is another day,
we came up such a long way from the time we purchased the house!

Happy day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

just a picture

I am working on designing a button,
following this tutorial
and I need a photo with an address.
So fell free to ignore this post!


I am off to enjoy the snow,
and some sewing!
Happy day.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

present for K: baby doll diaper bag

With the bibs, bottle, diapers and wipes, I was clear I needed to
make a diaper bag to carry it all.
I followed this tutorial for a very cute bag:

I used some beautiful cherry fabric that I have been collecting over the years,
it is so the perfect time of the year to use it,
the cherry blossom will be at its peak at the end of March, here in DC.

And finally the last thing: a changing pad!
Once again I used the blog "Twelve Crafts Till Christmas" and followed this tutorial.

It goes perfectly with the baby wipes!

And here it is:

all in the bag.

Miss C agreed to pose for me with the bag and a baby

Happy Birthday K!

Fresh Poppy Design

Thursday, March 14, 2013

present for Toddler K: doll bib

Once I was done sewing doll diapers and wipes for Toddler K,
I felt more what needed.
So I sewed two cute little bibs, and purchased a bottle.
I used this pattern from The Crafty Cupboard for the bib.

Everybody needs a bib with doggies!
The bibs are lined with flannel and closed with velcro,
very forgiving for little fingers.

The baby dolls are usually hungry
and little girls love to shove bottle into their doll mouths...

as you can see on this old picture of Miss C.with the same baby,
it has been holding up pretty nicely!

Once the baby doll is fed, she needs a toy to keep her busy,
so I made this little square toy full of ribbons,
it might end up being used more by the little girl than the doll
but that's OK too.
I was inspired by this post by  Twelve Crafts Till Christmas.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

present for Baby K: doll diaper

Baby K will be turning two pretty soon,
which means she is now Toddler K!
I do not see my niece very often,
(she is in NY, we are in DC)
but I know she likes to play with her doll
(and the play book I made her last year!).

So I decided to make her some diapers and wipes for her doll.
I had made similar diapers for Miss C. a few years ago
and she had loved playing with them.

and like I did with Miss C.'s version,
I sewed a band of velcro at the top instead of the corners,
it can fit different baby sizes 
and it cut down on sewing (no need to close the top opening!).

So diapers are good, but one really wipes to do a good job,
some baby dolls can really be dirty sometimes!
I must admit it might be the fastest project ever,
but it is so cute!
I used fleece for the outside,
I cut it with a rotary cutter with a wavy blade 
(it is weirdly hard to cut straight with it!)
and flannel for the actual wipes.
I folded them inside neatly, and they come out one at a time,
it is just so cool. I am sure it will not remain this way,
but it is too much fun to resist!

Wanna see me my niece?
here she is with Miss C.:

Happy sewing!

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