Saturday, August 31, 2019

end of summer visit to Lucketts

We had not been to Lucketts since last spring,
so it was time to go visit...
I usually like to go later in the season for some fall inspiration
but the close is closing soon to get ready for Christmas!

The house was full of fun accessories and scarves!

Especially these cheetah print, in warm and cool tones,
so yeah, I had to have one!
And it is so soft, I still need to have a bit before wearing it...

The plants and nests were so appealing.

And I really like that dinning room,
a different style.

And that little guy was a great touch!
I am not a French bull dog person
(more of a mix breed owner),
but it was super cute.

Speaking of puppies, these 2 prints in the baby's room
were just purfect!

But my truly favorite discovery: 

Totally agree, even more than my oldest is in college!

Happy Labor day weekend!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

the new college quilt in action!

Earlier this month,
I mentioned I was making a quilt
for Brick Master for the beginning of his college life.
Well Friday we dropped him off
to school to start Monday!

Here is his quilt,
all finished, bringing some colors 
to another wise pretty stark room!

I used his favorite colors
 (that also happened to be the colors of his school),
a simple weaving pattern
and a large appliqued M,
his initial and the school, 
like if it was meant to be!

The back of the quilt is just red fleece with the school logo,
(which stained my sewing machine!)

 So far the only decor in his room is the quilt
and the 2 airplanes pics!

Go Terps!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

working on a college quilt

It is official,
 Brick Master is starting his college life in less than 2 weeks!
We spent a fair amount of time shopping for his trousseau,
and I felt the best way to set him up for his new dorm life
was to sew him a quilt,
in the colors of his school.

Luckily for him, it happens to be colors
he likes: black and red, with a little grey.

I was inspired by this quilt from Pinterest:

college quilt idea
(no Utah for us!)

And here is what the top looks like:
bright and happy!

It is a simple quilt, just rectangles.
I like the woven aspect.
I still need to applique his school symbol,
and quilt it and bind it!
Luckily I am using fleece for the back and no batting,
so it might go a little faster!

Here are some of the quilts I made for him over the years:

modern teen quilt

Noah's ark

Dungeons and Dragons

 and I Spy quilt.

So quite some work to do,
and a fast deadline!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

a pouch with a little Eiffel tower

A good friend of mine was celebrating
a big birthday this week 
so I had to make her a little present:

a sweet pouch with a little Eiffel tower!

I used linen and Liberty of London,
and a little tag for the back:

I use the pattern from "Diary in Stitches" by Minki Kim,
but chose a different applique that is not in the book:

and a little hand embroidery,
I know my friend is dreaming of going to Paris one day...
So I also added some Eiffel tower print in the inside!

The binding is actually a premade binding, I think it is Japanese,
it is linen with some little Parisian details!

It makes me want to go visit....

Happy sewing!

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