Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a modern quilt for a teen

It is almost the end of the school year, just one more week to go
before summer freedom!
So it is the perfect time for a school photoshoot...on the football field.

Brick Master does not play but enjoys going to the games with his friends.
And this quilt looks perfect there!
It was quite unintentional but black and orange are his school colors!

The pattern from this quilt is V and Co houndstooth.
It is supposed to be 2 colors, but I went with 4,
it is a little trickier but not much.

It is quite a bold and modern quilt, quite different from the ones I usually make,
but just right for my cool 16 year old almost junior!

I chose to only use fleece instead of batting and backing,
it is lighter but still quite warm.
I quilted it lightly as I did not want it to distract from the design.
It should hold up just fine as they are only 2 layers together.

I took a short cut with the binding by sewing it by machine, (I usually finished by hand....)
It turned out to be just fine, the corners are good on both sides,
 I just stitched in the ditch all around
on the top side catching the binding on the back side. 
I used black thread which is barely visible on the front.
Quick and very satisfying!

And of course, it is perfect in Brick Master updated bedroom during the One Room Challenge.

Happy sewing!


  1. This quilt is so beautiful and it goes so well with his new room! :)

    ginnie /

  2. thank you Ginnie, and he likes it....always a concern, especially when it takes so long!


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