Thursday, June 1, 2017

some more delicious macaron mug rugs

Surprised by the title?
Probably not if you have been around for a while,
or even just a short time,
I love making mug rugs
and even more giving them away!

My friends and family have received quite a few,
they get dirty and new ones are needed, of course.

Here are my latest edition:

 tea and biscuit...perfection!

I made them for my sister's first wedding anniversary,
it is good to celebrate every occasion!

And you might remember that she was quite insistent
to get some when I originally made some in January!

Linen and Liberty of London....

This time I did not use the same fabric, I shockingly use regular cotton!
The same sweet print that I used on my latest sewing basket.

The base is still linen, with a cute print for the back, no reason to not enjoy the back too!
And a little running stitch of embroidery thread.

I sent these 2 to my sister, but I could not help myself,
and made 2 extra for me
and one for a friend!

They are all the same, I just played with the various print.

Time for a drink, may be iced tea today as it is pretty warm,
still definitively with a biscuit or a cookie...

Happy sewing!


  1. I love those little tea mugs so much, I think I will make some for me too!!!

  2. Thank you Maria, you should, it is fast and easy, and so fun!


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