Thursday, May 25, 2017

a sew illustrated basket, take II

After spending a good part of early spring fixing Brick Master's bedroom,
it is nice to do some girly sewing:

I sewed a sew illustrated basket for myself!

And it looks perfect with the sweet Liberty of London pin cushions
I made earlier.

For this basket, I use this collections of prints
I found at my local quilt store:

They are regular cotton prints, the collection is Garden Delights,
not Liberty of London, even if their floweriness seems familiar.

And unlike the previous basket I made for my mom,

where I used plain pieces of fabric for the sides,
this time I followed the instructions
and sewed 4 patch  and 2 patch pieces for the sides.

But I took a shortcut by stamping one of the image instead of stitching it!
I also did not add the handles, I think it is just perfect as is.

Happy sewing!


  1. Aww, this sewing basket is too cute. I love the little pincushions too. I just adore all of the sweet embroidery that you do. :)

    ginnie /


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