Wednesday, May 3, 2017

teen boy bedroom {the ORC edition} week five

There is only one week left for this spring One Room Challenge!
And we have had some progress, yeah!

Last week, I only had part of the quilt to show,
but this week, there is an airplane shelf,
new blinds and the beginning of more shelves!

Let's start with the airplane shelf:

Brick Master has a thing about airplanes, especially model ones,
so he has this neat collection of WWII planes that he wanted displayed.
So I built him a simple shelf, very similar to these ones from my previous baking corner.

It fits perfectly above some of his Legos,
just next to his desk, in plain sight for him.

And next to the window with one of the new blinds!
I installed another 2 on the main window.
The previous ones had lost their strings and it was no longer possible to open them,
giving this room a cave feeling, perfect for a sleep deprived teenager!

So I spent about 2h uninstalling the old blinds,
and installing the new ones, I chose them cordless for safety,
2 blackouts and 1 light filtering....
it might help to get up in the morning on the weekend!

My last project is to make some more shelves for this side of the room:

Originally he had a tv but never really watched it,
so Miss C. was happy to take it off his hands!

He has a few more collection of tanks and helicopters,
and some Star Wars helmets he wants to display.

The art needs to be rehanged above his bed...

So I am planning on making shelves like these:

(picture from Dandelion Patina)

I already purchase the hardware,
I just run out of the time this week end,
Brick Master was studying for his AP government,
so I did not want to make too much mess in his room.

The test is this Thursday, on May the 4th,
a great sign for him
and all the other Star Wars fans out there!

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