Wednesday, April 26, 2017

teen boy bedroom {the ORC edition} week four

So this is week 4 of the One Room Challenge,
which means only 2 weeks left,
so technically last weekend should have seen super productive....
well it wasn't!
Instead we had the Science Walk downtown DC,
more specifically for me watching my niece and nephew
while their parents and Mon Cheri went marching downtown!
They came from NY, the least I could do is spend the days with the kids,
we had fun but no work was done...
And on Sunday, it was our town Science day,
so Brick Master and the robotic team were on display,
which means me too, as I am a parent volunteer.

Not everything was lost,
I had a little bite of time at night to do some sewing.
I am finally finishing the quilt I started years ago,
more exactly I finished the top in April 2014!

(we had a lot of snow that year)

It just sat there in my sewing room waiting for me to quilt and bind it.
 At the time I had even purchased some black and white fleece 
for the back and cut the binding.
But I felt overwhelmed by the size of the quilt and the challenge 
of putting all that bulk in my sewing machine.

Well no more, with this room redo, we need a good quilt,
and this is it.

I just finished quilting and attached part of the bidding,
it will be done, in time for the room reveal.

So at least we will have painted walls,
brick wall and a handmade quilt!

We are moving along toward this mood board:

Better chance next week!

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