Thursday, April 6, 2017

teen boy bedroom: the ORC edition

After some reflections, I decided to go ahead
and participate to the One Room Challenge .

Last spring, I worked on the back patio, creating an inviting outdoor dining area 
for my first ORC.

In the fall, I totally upgraded a corner of the kitchen into a functional and cute baking area
for my second ORC.

And this spring for my third ORC, I want to transform my son's bedroom.
His room is probably the only room that has not been updated since we moved here.
It might seem a little late in the game as Brick Master (my son's nickname) is already 16
and a sophmore in HS, only 2 1/2 years away from college.
But I feel like it is actually the perfect time,
he is no longer a little kid and appreciate things more,
well not to the point of wanting extra pillows on his bed!

So we are keeping things simple and taking into consideration his tastes:
his room, not mine!

Which means: Star Wars, air planes, karate, legos (lots!), rock climbing,
computer and robotics.

He already has some good base: a nice large black bed
and a sturdy desk,

but ugly yellow walls!

The starting point inspiration is this room we saw in IKEA,
it totally inspired my teenager,
think urban loft....but in the suburban DC area!

Well that sounds doable....

Next week, the real inspiration board.
We still are working on all the details,
he is a tough customer!

And just like last year, we went to the robotic competition
for the Greater DC area this last week end.
The team did great and won the Outreach award,
but did not place as well as last year,
so no international competition this summer,
unlike last year when we went to Florida (in July!).
There is always hope for next year...


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see your teen boy ORC results! :) All of your other room makeovers were amazing! I'm currently going to have to think of a room overhaul for my daughter soon too. :)

    ginnie /

    1. Hi Ginnie, it is going to be work, teenagers can be challenging clients! But we are working together on it, so it could be a good mother-son event, or not! ;) Good luck with your daughter's room.


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