May the 4th be with you, always

Today is of course a very special day for our family
and all the other Star Wars fans in the world.
We are in the middle of an extremely slow update on Brick Master's bedroom,
but we have found the art, and it is perfect for this day:

I purchased them from The Decorium Studio on Etsy,
they are awesome,
perfect for boys, and they make great father's day present,
I know,  Mon Cheri received one last year!
Boba Fett from Star Wars art print from an original illustration - 8x10
and it matches the Boba Fett shirt I made for him years ago,
and the ornaments Miss C and I made.

Interested in a 2 minutes summary of the Star wars saga?

here it is for episodes IV, V, VI (the original)

and here for episodes I, II, III

it is a family friendly LEGO summary.
I am off making Star Wars cookies...
Happy day, always!


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