Saturday, December 17, 2011

Boba Fett ornament

This is another one of the project that I saw
and just had to make:

So I did and there it is:

I hand stitched all the felt pieces
I am not a glue person (see more here!)
I used this great idea to cut the felt: tape,
it is such a great help when working on small precise pieces!

While I was working, Miss C. came to hang out.
After a few minutes of watching, she ran downstairs to steal the Darth Wader cookie cutter,
ran back up, and started tracing around it.
She then asked if she could have some black felt (of course she could!),
she used her made-up pattern and cut 2 black head.
Then she decided to do some embroidery for the mouth
and to applique some eyes.
She sewed partially around the face and stuffed it,
then finished sewing it by machine (I did help a little here).
Wow, I am so proud of her work,
she made it for her brother as a Christmas present,
she is quite the artist...

Brick master is going to be one lucky boy!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Anything Star Wars is great. Thanks for sharing these! Please come share more great ideas at on our blog carnival!


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