Monday, December 5, 2011

Matisse and a tree

This week end we went downtown to enjoy some culture
and to participate to the Portrait story day at the National portrait gallery.
The artist of the day was Henri Matisse.

Miss C has a passion for art, she loves making it and looking at it,
and since school has been really hard for her lately,
we wanted to do something educational but not school related,
so to the museum we went.
We listened to a story about Matisse's life (for Children!)
looked at some of his work
and then worked on making our own version.
Of course it was about all of his cutout works, later in his life.

Miss C's art work

We all worked on making a Matisse inspired art piece,
here is what we made:

Miss C's, Mine, Mon Cheri's, Brick Master's,
a full family event!

It was perfect,
but it is a little far to make artwork every week!
So next weekend, instead of going to the museum,
we will try to do something similar: I will go to the library to find some story about an artist
and then we will try to make our own version of his artwork.
Watch out Picasso!

We also got a Christmas tree
and decorated it. 

it really started to look like Christmas around the house,
so little time left and so much sewing to do!

Happy day!

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