Tuesday, December 6, 2011

little drawstring bag

I took a break from sewing presents
to sew a drawstring bag to wrap a present!

I know it seems like it does not make any sense,
but it does, well at least to me!

it is a great and easy project,
a nice change from my other sewing....
see, it totally makes sense!

I used some quilting cotton that I had left over
from Miss C's apron from last year.
It is a cute print, quite busy, so I kept the lining simple,
pink broadcloth and I used pink ribbon.
It is just the right size for a few little presents,
perfect if you do not have any stocking!

Here are a few presents under the tree to see how it would look like,
while the kids were at school.
They know about Santa, but they are not ready to see any presents under the tree,
I am all good with that too, I like to wait until Christmas eve,
to see them all there.

It works great, it even goes with the wrapping paper,
it totally looks like I planned it all!
If only....

Happy sewing!

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