Thursday, November 10, 2011

the 12 days of mitten: day 3

Yesterday, on the 12 days of mitten: day 2,
I showed you this year model.
Well it is a great edition,
it is labor intense,
especially if you make 24 for the advent calendar.
So here are some easier and faster version
of similar mittens:

For this one, I still went through step 1 through 5
but I then just stitched it by machine,
a lot faster!
Since the mitten pattern piece is the same,
the opening is a little smaller.

For this example, I did step 1 and 2,
then I place my pattern on top of both layer of felt,
then stitched all around (except for the top).
Then I removed my pattern, and
using picking sheer I cut all around the mitten,
then I attached the ribbon.
This step is a little harder, but it is really fast,
and very cute.

Now for the fastest one of them all:
I did exactly like the previous one,
but skipped attaching the ribbon,
I just made a hole with a hole punch,
and looped the ribbon through the hole!
Pretty and fast!

Of course one can also glue the flake,
but I am not a fan of glue, I know it is quite a shame,
especially since I had lectures in college by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes,
Nobel prize laureate for the chemical property of adhesion,
so basically glue!

So which one is your favorite?
all hand made or quick (but not dirty)?
Go ahead,
make a mitten!

Happy sewing!

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