Thursday, November 17, 2011

the 12 days of mitten: day 10

Maybe you found the mitten toiletries kit too silly
(well I would agree with that, but silliness is good for the soul!)
it can still be used as a little present for you guest:

fill them with some little chocolates
and left them on their bed, or night stand,
like in some posh hotel,
nothing says welcome to our home
like nice linen and chocolates!

Well a cup of hot tea on a nice mug rug is also a great addition!
I made this one like the one from last year,
I just skipped a few steps: these hexagons were just applique to the base
and not actually stitched to each other, I used wonder under
and zigzag stitch to keep them together,
I know, it is cheating, but still cute!

Go ahead,
make a mitten!
How to: here and here.

Happy sewing!

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