Monday, November 21, 2011

the 12 days of mitten: the end and a giveaway

We are done with the 12 days of mittens,
I had a great time and a lot of fun.
But what a pressure!
Posting everyday 
(well almost, I had to take the day off for my anniversary!)
is hard work....I will be going back to a more leisurely approach,
a couple times a week.

 If anybody is making/will be making mittens,
 I would love to see pictures,
it would be fun to have a special mitten day,
I guess it will depends on how many mittens are made!

After overwhelming you with mittens,
it is only fair to give some away.
So here it is the mitten giveaway:
4 handmade mittens in the color of your choice:
red, blue, green, pink/purple(2 of each color), or one of each.

Just leave a comment telling me the color of your choice,
Miss C. will choose a number on December 1st,
we are still old school, but her math skills are improving and 
counting to infinity is her new goal (daughter of nerdy scientists!)

So go ahead one more time
and make some mittens!
How to: here and here.
For more inspirations on design check here.

Happy sewing!


  1. OOOHHHH Red is my favorite color anytime, not just for Christmas!

  2. I loved your 12 days and it gave me a tons on ideas :)
    Blue for me please !

  3. I just discovered your 12 Days of Mittens series and loved it. Thank you for sharing. I'm hoping to make the advent tree for one of my girls for their hope chest.


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