Tuesday, November 29, 2011

new little pouch

Last year, I made my sister a little pouch,
like the ones here and here.
Weirdly, I guess I forgot to blog about it,
so I am not even sure when I made it (I use my blog as my journal!)

Anyway, as she was here this weekend,
(my sister and her pouch)
she kind of complained about how the pouch was not long
enough for her make-up pencils,
even though she really enjoyed the pouch.
She is nice, well most of the time,
we are sisters,we are obligated to argue with each other!

So I made her a new version:
longer, less tall.

I used a similar print fabric: a beautiful Japanese print with little girls,
some solid cotton and linen,
I am having a renewed crush on linen,
I know it is not really the season...

The back is simply quilted,
I used some iron on batting, and lined it with off white cotton.

Here are the 2 pouches together:

These prints are just so cute!

She left a happy girl!
My sister, not the pouch!

Happy sewing!

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