Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the 12 days of mitten: day 1

For my first day of mitten,
I want to start with a great project:
the advent calendar.

It is a little work intensive
but I have a lot of mittens!

After making the required 24 mittens,
the directions for making the mittens will be given tomorrow,
here and here,
I made a rustic tree.
I started with a 3 feet tall 1x1 inch piece of wood
and a 4 feet long 5/8 dowel,
they are located together at Home depot, near the molding.

I drilled 4 holes in my 1x1 at: 8, 16, 24 and 32, with 5/8 bit.

I cut the dowel in 4 pieces:
6, 10, 14, 18. (no left over here!)
I inserted the dowels in the holes (with the help of a rubber mallet!)
the longest one at the 8inch hole,
the shortest one at the 32 inch hole,
and the rest in between!

For the base, I used some scrap wood,
some 1 x 4 and some 2 x 6.
I cut the 1 x 4 to 3.5 inches to have a square base,
then I cut the 2 x 6 to 12 inches,
it made the base wide enough.

The tree is attached together by a long screw at the base,
through both 1 x 4 and 2 x 6, and through the dowel.
To the top of dowel I attached a finial.
And finally I painted the tree with some white trim paint,
so it is a little shiny!

I added some treats to each mitten,
and every day, we can remove a mitten, eat the snack (!)
and count how many days are left!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Oh, I love the mitten tree advent calendar, and your 12 days of mittens! I have some old feather trees that would be great for this too. Don't know that I can get that many mittens made for this year although our 2 1/2 year old grandgirl would love to open the treat each day!

  2. There are a few different ways to make the mittens, all hand made or all machine work! Check here for the quick version:

  3. This is such a cute project! I just love the colors you chose! We are hosting a Home for the HOlidays link party and I would love for you to share this!


  4. Here from I {Heart} Naptime. Really cute advent calendar! Looks like a lot of work but super cute!

  5. That's really great! So inspiring! I'm pinning it right aaway!

  6. Love this cute advent calendar! Thanks for linking up!

  7. That is the cutest thing ever i love this idea!



  8. This is ADORABLE!! SO pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin' party!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/11/turquoise-lovin-13.html

  9. I love this idea! I am going to have to try it.

  10. Oh this is FANTASTIC! I am doing a "Countdown to Christmas Advent Week" on my blog NEXT week. I would love to have you do a guest post during the week and share this tutorial with us! All you would need to do is copy the html and send it to me! For more details see the link below!



  11. That is so cute. Great idea for an advent calendar. We are doing a chocolate calendar. Fa-la-la-lazy is what we are! LOL

  12. Love your dowel tree. I'd like to make one for a craft show display.


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