Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boba Fett shirt

I enjoy sewing, crafting,
making stuff in general,
for Miss C. it is always so easy,
but for Brick Master, it is a challenge!
Now that he is 10, he wants to be cool,
even cooler since he changed school in the middle of the year!

So here is my easy craft for him:
a Star Wars painted sweat shirt
(which is a great way to hide stain....)

I found the pattern at Ether Graphics,
it was originally designed for pumpkins,
but I thought it would be perfect for a shirt.
I recopied it on freezer paper and cut it out,
ironed it on the shirt, making sure
the paint would cover the stains!
( a great way to recycle an almost unwearable shirt!)

(here is a great tutorial on freezer paper/paint from Made)

And since Boba Fett is a little beat up, I did not apply
the paint too thick, so that some of the blue would
show up in some area.

I am pleased to say my big boy is happy
and he is wearing to school day,
I am still the Mom!
At least until he goes to middle school!

Happy crafting!

make it wear it


  1. Love it! Thank you so much for linking up to Upcycled Awesome. I love freezer paper stenciling, but I always hate cutting out the freezer paper.

  2. Hey, that's cool - I love it. It would go well with the Vader top I made a while back! Pic here:
    It was for a little girl who loves the dark side;-) I made it a little differently, by transferring the pattern onto fusible web, ironing it onto black fabric, cutting out the detail then stitching onto the white felt background.


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