Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my solution for large windows

I had to take care of them,
for a few reasons: privacy in the evening for the back,
barking control for the front (and echoing!)
and also energy efficiency, even with double pane windows!

I also previously mentioned that I am a little bite
which happens to be a problem right now
as finances are tight.
So instead of buying yards and yards of fabric,
I went the painter drop cloth route,
I know it has been done before...
(including by me!)
But the price cannot be matched!
I purchased 7 drop clothes (9 x 6)
and after washing them and ironing them (!),
I hanged them on rods, close to the ceiling.

(and yes we have a stainless steel table!)

It balances out very nicely with the green walls
and I think it looks amazing with the fireplace.

Black dog likes this location,
even without a fire!

For the front and side windows,
I used double rods,
and reused the previous owner's light curtains,
they are too short but they will do until
I can purchase some better one
(they are natural fiber, so I do like them,
they just are too short!)


I am also planning on cutting this drop cloth in half
to make 2 panels,
one on each side of the window,
just need to finish organizing my craft place
(that could take a while!)
in the mean time it is functional!

Do you remember the weird wall I was talking about?
well here it is:

I am not sure how to describe it,
it is lattice-like, but sturdy,
it adds a lot of presence and light to both sides,
and it definitively has a fun retro vibe!

It is a great place to play hide and seek,
 depending on the angle,
you can see through or get a solid wall,
it makes for some fun time!

To finish this part of the house
we need to put some art/picture/stuff
on the walls!
It feels already like home!

Happy day!


  1. Morgane,
    I love your house, and specially how warm and cute you are decorating it. So now i have a technical question.I have these huge (tall)arched (problem as the blind leaves a half a circle qith no cover. they are in the girls bedroom, and i am planning to buy huge blackout curtains (facing east and not very well insulated) but i need to put something to cover the blackout curtains, I am thinking of the drop cloth but i was wondering if you have tried to dye it and if you think the'd look alright. kisses to all

  2. thank you!
    I have never tryed to dye the drop cloth, it is not 100% cotton, so I am not sure how it would work out.
    I remember playing with dye on clothes that were made of different fibers and have some interesting results! But I think you could give you a try, it might just need more time....let me know how it turns out!


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