Saturday, April 22, 2017

rock climbing bag, perfect for teens

As I mentioned on the first post of this year ORC
Brick Master is a fan of rock climbing,
he goes after school about once a week
and really enjoys it, especially with his friends.
This year for Christmas and his birthday (just a few days apart)
he received his own set of shoes and harness.

So of course I had to make him a bag to carry it all!
I followed the same tutorial that I used previously to make some art journal bags.
It is just much larger and with corners to accommodate the width of the shoes.
The fabric I used is a set of prints I won 5 years ago,
which I saved for a special project for Brick Master,
unfortunately I never did anything with it,
and now it is too old for the robots!
(do not hoard fabric, use the good stuff right away!)

So I kept the robots for the lining instead of making them a feature.
The coordinating prints were really good, so it was easy to work with all of them.

I added on the bag a loop to attach a little carabiner,
making it easy to attach to his backpack,
as he goes just after school.

For the strings I used shoes laces, it is the perfect color,
sturdy and cheap!

I could not help myself and use a robot as a tag on the front,
layering it with another print.
It is a claw/hand robot as Brick Master is usually the one designing something like that
for his robotic club....
may be it is not too late for that fabric after all!

Happy sewing!


  1. So cute! I love the robot fabric! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Thanks, it also came in orange and black, quite cute too!


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