Thursday, January 26, 2017

perfect little present bag for teens

Lately Miss C. had a few of her friends turning 13!
I cannot believe these cute little girls are now teenagers....
still a few months before it happens to my baby!
While I used to make them all doll clothes a few years ago,
like this winter doll outfit or this spring doll outfit,
now they are way too cool for that!
Most of them love drawing and painting,
so Miss C. decided to get them sketch books,
and for old time sake, I sewed a bag to carry them.

These little bags are quite easy to make,

I followed the same tutorial from S.O.T.A.K Handmade.
Once again I changed the size so it could accommodate the sketch book.
For the first young lady, I chose a mermaid/narwhal print,
"into the reef "by Rae Ritchie for Dear Stella,
a fat quarter is enough for the top.
She is apparently a huge fan of narwhals, the unicorns of the ocean!

I did buy a little coordinate print for the top, a very soft blue.
But for the inside I used a sea print from last year.

For the second lady, I chose a dog print.
Just like me, she is a big fan!

The print is "dawg thoughts" by Sally Ball Sharp for Ink and Arrow fabric,

I just like that collection "Dawg" so much that I bought a fat quarter of each
 (without any plan an how I was going to use it,
 it happens more than I would like to admit...)

So of course I used more prints for the top and lining.
who cannot like "taking my human for a walk"?
I feel like Malou speaks that way!

The name of the print is "things Dawgs say", just perfect!

Miss C. informed me the presents were very well received,
and that she would like one for herself too!

I am wondering which fat quarter I can use....

Happy sewing!


  1. These are adorable! You always find the best fabrics! My daughter loves narwhals too. :) I especially like the taking humans for a walk. haha! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Thank you Ginnie, yes they are fun. They are so many beautiful little time for big projects!


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