Saturday, December 15, 2012

doll outfit for a friend

A few days ago, Miss. C. was invited to an impromptu Bday party.
The parents did not wish us to buy presents,
so we did not, but of course I sewed something,
they did not say anything about that!
I guess not too many people make presents themselves!
This little girl always bring her doll when she comes over,
so I figured she would enjoy a new outfit for her doll.

I knew what to make: a pair of jeans and a top.
I had just purchased this pattern from Liberty Jane patterns
and I was looking for the opportunity to sew it,
it does not real fit the style of Kaya that I have been working on for Christmas.
I used a pair of old jeans (one leg is enough, well I guess it depends 
on the size of the previous worked fine here!)

It turned out really good, my doll is not an AG so
it does not fit as well as it should,
the Madame Alexander dolls do not have hips as wide as the AG,
it still looks a lot better than the jeans I made from a trousers pattern!
Miss C.'s friend has an AG doll, so it would be perfect for her.
And this one has real pockets, front and back.

Next I made a cute tank top, using another pattern from Liberty Jane patterns.
I sewed this pattern before, and it is a fast and easy project.

The original plan after that was to make an oversize, over the shoulder top,
 using some knit I had.
Well the knit was not good for this project.
So I scraped the idea, and decided to make a cape instead.

I followed this very easy pattern from Strictly Homemade,
I used a light weight faux fur fabric and some off-white fleece,
it started to look really good,
I just needed a final touch: gloves!
I sewed them with the same fleece,
from a Simplicity/McCall pattern.

I hope the Bday girl enjoys playing with her new doll outfit,
I had fun making it last night and this morning,
it was the perfect antidote to the ugliness of yesterday's events.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Adorable cape and that's some really pretty fabric you used for the top.


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