Wednesday, December 19, 2012

another pair of moccasins and some gloves

After the success of my first pair of moccasins for Miss C.'s future doll,
I set out to make another pair,
a little fancier: with some beads!

I used the same pattern, but this time I used lighter suede,
while still using the same fleece on the inside.
Kaya is supposed to be a Nez Perce (Pacific Northwest area),
but Miss C. was born in the land of enchantment and the Pueblo people,
which means I wanted to use some turquoise on the clothes.
I apologize if the mixture of style offends someone,
it is not the intent.

I also sewed some gloves,
first I tried using the pseudo-suede, but there is no stretch in that fabric,
and the hand would not fit through.

So I made another version using fleece,
and adding some fringe on the seams,
it seemed too plain otherwise!
(I know it might appear that I am using a lot of cliches
to make this wardrobe for the doll!)

Happy sewing!

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  1. Oh Wow! How cute and perfect! I can't sew small accessories like you do! You did a beautiful job!


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