Saturday, December 8, 2012

making ornaments with the Brownies

After the semi-disaster of the butterflies brooches,
I was eager to revisit sewing with the Girls scouts.
Making ornaments seemed like the perfect occasion to start anew.
With about 30 minutes for our craft, I came up with an easy project that
everybody would succeed at making, no matter the ability.
So here are the ornaments we made:

Before the meeting, I cut a lot of stars,
luckily I have a die cut for it!
I wanted to make sure we had enough color to please 
all the girls, there is no crying in Brownies!

After choosing 3 stars (at least 2 different colors)
we made a star sandwich:
the middle star is slightly twisted and sticks
out of the 2 other stars that are perfectly aligned.
Then we stitched around the layered stars with 
a simple running stitch, keeping everything simple!
At the top, we made a loop to hang the ornament.

This project was a total success,
all the girls made an ornament,
and they are turned out beautiful!

Happy crafting!


  1. Are those only for Brownies to make? They're so cute, easy and inexpensive, love love them. I'm gonna made a few. What a great project to get girls sewing and using their imaginations. People tend to think making things has to be complicated and hard. How lucky they are to have you to get them started. Happy Week

  2. Thank you, they are for everybody to make! I just made it up, I usually come up with craft for the meeting, and I thought this one turned out good enough to share.
    I hope you have fun making your own.


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