Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back to school for doll

School starts in less than a week,
so time to sew....for dolly!

She is a low key girl,
just jeans and T-shirt!

We are not talking skinny jeans here,
fashion is not the main element,
I do not want to have to put them on!
Miss C. needs to be able to do it without help,
so comfy, boot cut jeans!

I started with a simple pants pattern,
to make them into "real jeans"

I stitched some details in orange threads:

 pockets, waist band, hem...
and it really started looking like real jeans!

Since real jeans are not stitched this way,
and that I wanted to keep the similar details,
I had to over stitch the inner seam,
it was very hard and I was not able to go right to the top of the crotch
but I think it is not too visible!

The pattern for the shirt is from Liberty Jane Patterns,
it is the trendy t-shirt,
one of their free patterns.

It sewed very nicely and quite fast,
I like the little cap sleeves,
it is a lot more close fitting than the traditional t-shirt patterns,
but the Velcro in the back makes it really easy to put on.

She is ready!

Happy sewing!


  1. Your t-shirt is beautiful. Where did you get the fabric?

  2. Such a cute outfit for your doll. Love the jeans.. Great idea.. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!


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