Sunday, August 1, 2010

gifts from Provence

Have you been to Pottery Barn lately?
It is as usual beautiful and
full of Olives!!!
One of my favorite themes,
and perfect with all of my Provence accessories.

A while ago I wrote about my parents' trip to
Provence and how hard it was to watch it from afar...

Well apparently not matter how old you are,
whining will get you something!
I just received my care package:
a tablecloth and some fabric!

And guess what is on this tablecloth?
Yep, olives!
While it might not match everybody's decor,
it works for us.
It does it especially well since I have plates
with the same dark yellow and olive trees.

I bought these plates at Sur La Table about 5 years ago.
They are from a French designer: Guy Degrenne,
but since they are made in Hungary,
they were never sold as French plates,
they were very popular in France.

It also works well with the olive wood serve ware I have:
a cheese tray that I showed you here
and a salad/fruit bowl.

So I am very pleased.
I must admit I did buy one small olive plate at PB

and I think it looks good too!
But alas I cannot afford more...

But there is still the fabric!
My Mom knows I like quilting/sewing,
so she usually tries to send me a variety of fabric
in small yardage, instead of one big piece.
And this time she sent me some Olive fabric of course!

She is so clever!
The fabric on the top left corner is extremely small
as it is her remnant from a tablecloth she is sewing.
The linen is mine and I have some ideas
that I will be sharing with you tomorrow and in the next few days.
More PB inspiration!

Also I am planning on sharing with one person
my little olive fabric paradise:
yes, a first giveaway in a couple days!

For giveaway, enter here
Here are a few pictures from Provence:

so many tablecloths to choose from!

For dinner: ratatouille of course!

Happy day!



  1. Stopping over from French Obsession party. Such a pretty tablecloth!! I'm so jealous of their trip tooooooo!!!


  2. OH WOW I remember the pretty linens and table cloths. LOve this one! SO pretty!
    I love your plates and everything!
    Thank you for linking up! Very fun post!

  3. Pretty table setting. Like the colours with the cherries.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's French Obsession

  4. Sorry, I was wrong. Not cherries, but lovely olives.
    Speaking of Ratatouille, please see my post!

    Anna's French Obsession


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