Wednesday, July 14, 2010


or how we will celebrate my Holiday!

No fireworks here,
the dogs (90ish pounds each!) are terrified of them!

But a nice recipe,
and if you like the movie "Ratatouille",
you will appreciate it!

Ratatouille, family style!

you will need:
red peppers,
olive oil,
herbes de provence,
(and garlic,except for me!)

First remove the skin of the tomatoes and the peppers:
-boiled tomatoes for 30s, then ice water for a minute
-fire roasted the pepper, then ice water
it takes some time but it is worth the effort!

Cut all vegetables into small pieces.
In my family we always prepared it in a pressure cooker.
So in the pressure cooker,
put some olive oil and cook the onion,
then add the rest of the vegetables.
Season with the herbs, salt and spice.
Close the pressure cooker,
and let it cook for 20 min once it is under pressure.

Prepare some couscous,
and serve your ratatouille over it.

A healthy vegetarian summer dish.


picture from wikipedia

Happy Bastille Day!


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