Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dolly and Me outfit

I made this outfit for
Miss C. and her dolly

with cherry fabric.

I used the Simply Sweet Tops and Dresses pattern

It is an easy pattern,
with great instructions, almost too much information...
but it would be perfect for a beginner!

You might recognize the doll skirt,
I had a tutorial on it in this post .

 Miss C.'s skirt is a modification of a pattern from Ottobre Design
The skirt is fully lined with the petticoat,
which is attached at the hip level, not the waist.

Miss C. has really enjoyed this outfit over the past 2 summers,
the top is getting a little short,
But she loves to wear matching clothes with her doll!

Happy sewing!


  1. Super, super cute! Just makes me wanna sew. But, what doesn't? HA

    She looks so happy with her matching doll! (I better not let my daughter see this or we will be ordering a doll!)

  2. SO sweet. Have you made any midieval doll outfits. Maddie would LOVE one for Kit to wear in her castle.

  3. What a pretty cherry print! And matching doll outfits are always fun!


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