Monday, July 12, 2010

cute bib

A friend of mine is having a baby
in the next few days...

Obviously it has been going on
for while...
but some how, it just downed on me
that I had to make a baby present!!
So a little on the late!!

On my defense, she lives far away
and I have not seen her in a few years,
well it is my excuse
and I am sticking to it!

So I decided to make a few bibs.

I used this pattern from Nested.
(without the pocket)

I was also inspired by these bibs on Flickr.

I used some fabric left from an older baby quilt,
and appliqued the alligator and the zebra.

I think this one need a little something more,
may be another bear, with some background fabric....
Still thinking about it.
I do not know the baby's gender,
so I might wait a few more days to finish it.

The back is a chenille fabric, perfect for softness
and absorbency.
I lined the alligator applique with some denim
to give it some presence.
I also quilted the apples.

I hope my friend enjoys them,
they were fun to make....

so much fun, that I might make some more....

Happy sewing!

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  1. Those are precious! I especially like the ones with the appliques. A mommy can never have too many bibs!


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