dolly night gown

As a member of SAGA, the Smocking Arts Guild of America,
I had some homework to do!
the good kind of homework, the sewing kind!

I had to make a night gown for a doll,
not an 18 inch doll, but an 15 inch doll.
Not the baby kind, more like kindergartner(!)

A few weeks ago, my friend Jan from BessieMary.
made a beautiful night gown for an American doll.

She totally inspired me,
elegant, simple, classic and full of beautiful details.

Jan had helped me in the past in my heirloom sewing,
and here again she helped me: she loaned me her pattern.

So here is my version

I used some Liberty of  London fabric,
and some cotton French lace.
I do not own a lot of lace, I had just enough for the sleeves.

But it was white lace, not ivory so I dyed it.
I used 1 cup of tea and 2 Tbsp of vinegar (clear!), let it soak
5 minutes and rinsed with water.

I also added 3 little buttons to the front,
almost too small to see!

I think it turned out pretty nicely,
a lot of color on this doll,
but the actual doll has blond hair.

Tomorrow I will show you the robe I made to complete
this outfit.

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow, you even made her a robe? I got to come back and see that. I love this gown though and the detailed lace around the wrist is just lovely. It fits the doll well too - not baggy around the neck like I've often seen. Great job!


  2. You did a fantastic job! I always knew you would!


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