Friday, July 30, 2010

robe for dolly

Yesterday, I showed you the night gown
that I made for SAGA.
Here is a robe for the same doll
(15 inch, blond, kindergartner-ish!)
modeled by one of our dolls:

I used another Liberty of London print with ivory chenille.
I altered the pattern a little to fit the smaller doll.
It was originally a free pattern from You Can Make This ,
but it is gone now.
It is a easy pattern, mostly for 18 inch doll.

Here are the other versions I made for big girls!

This one is the original version,
perfect over a night gown,
I used a blue minky fabric and some quilting cotton.

The other is shorter,
perfect over PJ.

It also works well for Bear,
it was for Lego Brick Master's bear, a more masculine version.

Dollies always need to be comfortable,
so they can get their beauty sleep!

The Queen City chapter of SAGA will be auctioning the doll
and its full wardrobe (probably 12 outfits) at the national SAGA meeting
at the September meeting in Norfolk, VA.
Last year, we did a similar project with a 18 inch doll,
and her 12 months of smocked aprons and dresses.
Hopefully it will be as popular!

Happy sewing!


  1. That is a wonderful robe! I adore all the different versions!

  2. Oh, these are just too cute. I love them all .

  3. I love those robes. Once my craft room is finished and I can get to my sewing machine, I will have to ask you for the website where you get all your patterns. You told me once before but I forgot because there is no access to a sewing machine right now so whats the point. Soon!


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