Tuesday, August 3, 2010

olive fabric, take II

While I enjoy making my olive pillows,
I also made a little place mat/table runner
using burlap and my olive fabric.

I started with this fabric,

perfect to make a band.

I cut the top part of, using the smaller part of the print,
leaving 1/2 inch on either side.
I ironed under both seam allowance.
I first sewed the 2 ends at a 45 degree angle.
Then I found the middle and stitched again at
a 45 degree angle.
Each time I cut the extra fabric.

Then I decided on a longer length and sorter length,
and again sew a 45 degree angle, twice to define my rectangle.

I stitched it to the top of my burlap (bigger than the finish size),
on the inside edge,
just inside the applied fabric.

After this step,
I folded the burlap up, just under the olive fabric,
pinned it, and stitched it.

voila a perfect little table runner!

I also continued my pillow quest!
Once again I was inspired by another PB pillow!

I have seen them in the "flesh" and they are nice,
but the linen/hemp is fairly rough!

So once again I used  my trusted linen,
soft, easy and readily available!

I made it simple, same shape,
but no applique,
each time I tried something,
it never looked quite right,
it felt as I was trying to hard,
so I let the fabric do the talking and I listened!
Plain and crisp, that what it said!
and it was right, I like it just that way!

I used a continuous piece of fabric, about 24 by 29.
The shorter end were turned under twice at 1/4 inch,
and stitched.
Then the longer end were folded under once at 1 1/2 inch.
With wrong side together and the fabric overlapping in the back,
the side were stitched (from the right side) at 1 inch,
giving a similar feel to the PB pillow.
Decorative buttons can be added on the side to complete the look.
I am still unsure about adding buttons,
I even made some fabric one covered with the yellow fabric...

Do not forget tomorrow, Wednesday,
it is olive fabric giveaway
so please come back!

For giveaway, enter here
Happy sewing!
One more olive picture:

now real peace!

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  1. Je vois en effet que tu as fais le plein d'olives et lavande ;-) Je dois avouer avoir été tellement off que je ne me suis même pas autorisé un petit détour tissu ou mercerie ;-)
    Quant aux crèpes que tu as vues, mon amoureux aime en faire - surtout pour pleiiins de monde à la fois... juste pour le plaisir de faire plaisir...


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